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Security solutions for farms and rural businesses

Unfortunately burglary and theft are an on-going issue for farms and businesses located in rural areas. Thieves take advantage of remote locations, using isolated areas to travel around undetected. As with all security protection, prevention is always better than cure and so installing a CCTV system and security alarm will give your farm or rural business the protection it deserves.

At FirstEye we are part of the NFU’s Rural CCTV Partnership which works to support and protect farmers and rural properties against crime. As a Rural CCTV Partner, we are able to offer NFU members 10% off a CCTV installation in North Yorkshire or West Yorkshire. In addition, not only will we offer 10% off your CCTV installation, we’ll also give you a 10% discount off any intruder alarm installed at the same time.

It’s worth bearing in mind that CCTV can prove particularly useful for farms as it provides a highly effective way to closely monitor livestock, buildings, machinery and land from anywhere via an app on your smartphone. Here are a few further benefits CCTV offers all rural businesses:

• CCTV cameras offer a highly visible deterrent
• You’ll be able to monitor your property and land regardless of where you are, providing much needed peace of mind
• The latest CCTV systems provide crystal clear images which can be used as evidence by the police or in the event of an insurance claim
• We offer a wide range of CCTV systems which can be scaled up or down to suit your individual requirements

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Here at FirstEye we have over 20 years of experience of working with home and business owners in rural areas throughout North and West Yorkshire. Why not get in touch to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote and security survey?

Business Security

Simple steps to protect your business from crime

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can fall victim to crime and as such, all businesses need to take steps to safeguard themselves. However, many business owners are either concerned about the cost of installing security systems. Improving the security of your business doesn’t have to be expensive and by protecting your business now, rather than waiting until the worst happens, you could save yourself significant amounts of stress, time and money.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to help protect your business premises from break-ins and crime:

  • Make sure your business premises looks smart from the outside as an unkempt appearance gives the impression that you don’t take security seriously and there are unlikely to be any security measures in place.
  • Internal theft can be a real problem for many businesses and whilst an access control system, for example, offers protection for areas such as stock rooms, it’s also important to heave clear policies. Holding regular training sessions and random inspections of petty cash or deliveries can help stop internal theft in its tracks.
  • If your business premises already has an intruder alarm make sure you use it. If your alarm system is unreliable or outdated, consider installing a new system.
  • Installing security lighting is a relatively low-cost way to protect the outside areas of your business, whilst helping to give the impression that the inside is occupied even when it’s not.
  • Carrying out regular reviews of security will not only provide you with peace of mind, it’s also a good way to identify any weak points.

Commercial and business security solutions installed in Leeds

At FirstEye we have many years of experience in working with business of all sizes in Leeds and throughout West Yorkshire. Whether you are in retail, business, manufacturing or farming, we can help you choose security systems to meet your budget and individual requirements.

If you would like to find out more about our services or obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch with us by calling 0113 228 8599 or email

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Are you using your domestic CCTV system correctly?

Domestic CCTV systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Whilst installing a CCTV system offers an excellent way to improve the security of your home, it’s important to ensure you meet Government guidelines and that you respect other people’s privacy.

If your cameras are positioned so that they only capture images within the boundary of your private property, including the garden, then data protection laws won’t apply to you. However, if your system captures images of people outside your private boundaries such as your neighbours’ homes and gardens, a public footpath, street or shared spaces, then both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 will apply to you.

How to use CCTV responsibly

Before installing a CCTV system it’s important to spend time thinking about how to position the cameras so that your neighbours’ property, shared spaces and public spaces aren’t intruded upon. In addition, here are a few other things you might consider before installing CCTV:

  • try to find the most privacy-friendly way to position the cameras
  • consider carefully which areas you want the cameras to capture
  • think about whether you need to record the images or whether a live feed is adequate
  • if your cameras don’t capture images outside your boundaries, then the data protection laws wont apply to you

FirstEye – experts in CCTV installations in West Yorkshire

If you’re considering installing a CCTV system, we have the expertise to help. We can help you choose the best system for your budget and requirements, whilst helping you position the cameras to ensure you have the protection you need, without compromising your neighbours’ privacy.

To find out more or to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch with FirstEye by calling 0113 2288599 or email

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FirstEye puts a spotlight on security lighting

Whilst security lighting is widely used as a way to prevent crime, it also offers a highly effective way to help you feel safer in your driveway or garden. Here at FirstEye we have the expertise to install security lighting to suit all budgets and requirements; providing a low-cost way to improve the security of your home.

Here are a few examples of how you and your family could benefit from security lighting:

  • Security lighting is an excellent preventative measure. There’s nothing burglars like more than having a dark place to hide and by illuminating the outside areas of your home – gardens, driveway, alleyways etc. – they’re far more likely to target another property.
  • We install LED security floodlights which are energy efficient, high output and economical to run; making them an environmentally friendly way to improve your home’s security.
  • Security lighting also makes a useful addition to other security measures in your home, such as CCTV. Security lighting works extremely well alongside CCTV cameras as it helps to provide clearer pictures when it’s dark. In addition, effective security lighting will also highlight your alarm’s bell box to provide yet another deterrent.

Get in touch with FirstEye and protect your home from crime

When it comes to crime, prevention really is better than cure. Remember that thieves will always choose the homes that are easiest to break into. So, if your home is currently unprotected, why not get in touch with us to find out how we can help you improve security?

Our quotes are available free and without obligation. To arrange for a quote, contact FirstEye by calling 0113 228 8599 or email Our security installation services are available throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire.

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Top tips for improving your home’s security

Top tips for improving your home’s security

The start of a new year is a great time to improve your home’s security. At FirstEye we offer a wide range of security solutions, with cost-effective options to suit all budgets and requirements. From wireless burglar alarms and security lighting, through to smart doorbells, securing your home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are just a few examples of simple ways to give your home and family the protection they deserve:

• Security lighting is a low-cost way to help prevent burglary. Security lights illuminate otherwise dark areas which thieves use as ‘protection’ when attempting to gain access to a property. Installing security lighting offers a proven and highly effective deterrent as by preventing thieves from having a place to hide, you’ll put them off trying to break into your home.
• A security alarm offers great protection for your home, so if you don’t have one or yours is old or outdated, now is the time to have one installed. We install alarms in Leeds to suit all budgets and requirements, including wireless alarms designed to be controlled using a smartphone app. Remember than often the sight of an alarm bell box alone is enough to put off most thieves.
• Not only do smart door bells offer a safe way to see who’s at the door without having to answer it; they can also help prevent missed deliveries! Smart door bells are ideal for all types of property and can prove particularly useful for elderly or vulnerable residents. Smart door bells contain a tiny camera which, when the door bell is rung, will send images of who’s at the door to a smart phone app. It’s also possible to speak to the caller so if you’re not at home when that parcels delivered, you’ll be able to let them know where to leave it.

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New Year, new approach to security?

The start of a new year is a time when we often make resolutions and maybe plan a few changes. With this in mind, why not take the opportunity to review the security of your business? Business security doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive and here at FirstEye we offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions, with options to suit all sizes and types of business. So whether you’re running your business from the spare room at home, or have a factory which employs hundreds of people, we can help you find affordable solutions, designed to give your business the protection it deserves.

Security services in Leeds

From security alarms and CCTV, through to access control systems and car park barriers, our security solutions are scaleable and are designed to meet our client’s individual requirements. Here’s a quick overview of how we can help:

• A working, reliable security alarm is a security must-have for all businesses. Here at FirstEye we are accredited by The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB). This means that by choosing us to install your alarm you may be able to claim a discount on your insurance (depending on the terms and conditions), or to lower your risk status. We offer a wide range of systems, with options to suit all budgets and requirements: from complex alarms designed to protect large business premises, through to bell-only systems for small premises and home offices.
• CCTV is increasingly popular with business owners and it’s not hard to see why. Offering a highly effective deterrent and round-the-clock peace of mind, the footage generated by the latest CCTV systems can be viewed remotely via smartphone app. Again, we offer CCTV systems to suit all requirements so whether you need just one camera or several, we can help.
• Access control offers an ideal way to control who has access to your business premises. Ideal for providing reception staff with additional security, protection for at-risk areas such as stock rooms, an access control system can be scaled up or down to meet your needs. In addition, installing an access control system can help to put a stop to the problem of lost or stolen keys and is ideal for a huge range of premises including offices, factories, care homes, schools, nurseries and more.
• Whether your business has a car park or loading bay, a barrier can help provide protection against unwanted parking or vehicle theft. We have the expertise to install parking access barriers, bollards and ram raider posts.

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If you would like to find out more about how we can help you protect your business from crime, get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation security survey. Contacting FirstEye is easy: simply call 0113 228 8599 or email

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas from everyone here at FirstEye security installations in Leeds

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 2020 has certainly been a challenging year so here’s hoping that 2021 will be much better! We’ll be back in January with lots more news, views and insights into the world of home and business security in Leeds.

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Why business security should be your New Year’s Resolution

Security systems for businesses installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Although most business owners are all-too aware of the importance of security, running a business is very time-consuming to say the least! With this in mind, security tends to take a back seat, only being addressed when the worst happens and a theft has taken place.

At FirstEye we provide a range of cost-effective security solutions for businesses of all sizes, designed to make security as straightforward as possible. From CCTV and alarm systems, through to access control and car park barriers, we can provide you with the systems you need to ensure your business is protected from theft and crime.

Commercial security installations West Yorkshire

The range of commercial and business security services include:

• Intruder alarm design and installation, including multiple user systems
• CCTV system design and installation
• Security lighting
• Access control systems including door access and intercom systems
• Fire alarm design and installation

We are proud to have achieved SSAIB accreditation for our services and you’ll also find that we are Safe Contractor Approved and licensed by IPAF. Our highly experienced team have the expertise to provide a wealth of security advice and will work hard to find the best solutions to the individual requirements of your business and budget

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wireless video doorbell

Wireless doorbells – a simple way to improve home security

Wireless doorbells are becoming increasingly popular and are designed to allow audio and video communication between homeowners and visitors, offering a great way to enhance security and provide reassurance. Ideal for all homes including flats, wireless doorbells can prove particularly useful for the elderly, vulnerable and properties in remote areas.

What is a wireless video doorbell?

Wireless video doorbells are clever devices which are designed to enable you to answer the door, whether you’re at home or not by using a Wi-Fi signal to stream live video direct to either a mobile phone or tablet. This offers several advantages including:

• Callers are given the impression that the property is occupied when it isn’t.
• Callers can be screened before you decide to allow them entry, e.g. you’ll have the opportunity to ask to see I.D. before opening the front door.
• Provide delivery drivers or the postman with instructions on what to do with a delivery if you are out.
• Wireless video doorbell systems are now available which include motion sensors, designed to notify you when movement is detected outside your front door.
• Elderly or vulnerable homeowners can enjoy reassurance and peace of mind by allowing a trusted friend or relative to screen callers from another location.
• Caller alerts are sent directly to your phone or tablet – regardless of the time of day or where you might be.

Alongside these benefits, many wireless video doorbells are suitable for integration into a smart home security system. When integrated with a wireless security system and/or CCTV, a wireless video doorbell will give your family and home enhanced protection, whilst providing the capability to monitor your property no matter what time it is or where you might be.

We install wireless doorbells in Leeds and surrounding areas

At FirstEye we provide specialist home security installations for residential and business customers throughout Leeds and surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for a complete home security system or a wireless video doorbell, we’d be delighted to help so why not get in touch to arrange for your free, no obligation security survey?

Contacting FirstEye is simple: just call 0113 228 8599 or email

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Commercial security installations for businesses in Leeds and surrounding areas

Safeguard your business with a security system designed an installed by FirstEye

If you run your own business, you’ve probably spent countless hours, working hard to ensure it’s a success. In addition, the past year has presented huge challenges for many businesses, particularly those in the commercial sector. With this in mind, protecting your property and assets is hugely important and here at FirstEye we offer a wide range of commercial security installation services, designed to be tailored to suit the individual requirements of businesses of all shapes and sizes.


CCTV provides a highly effective way to deter to potential intruders, whilst also offering security protection when you’re not there. Although there’s a misconception that CCTV is mainly used to catch shoplifters or intruders, however it can also be used to keep tabs on working procedures or customers, whilst improving the security of areas used to house confidential documents or valuable equipment.

At FirstEye we have the expertise to design CCTV systems to protect the interior or exterior of a building, using cameras designed to provide crystal clear images. It’s important to bear in mind that the specifications of CCTV cameras vary though and we’ll work with you to choose the best solution for each particular location.

Protect your business with a security system

Theft costs UK businesses many millions of pounds each year. Installing a security alarm offers an unbeatable way to protect your business and the systems we install utilise wireless technology to provide the protection you need. We have the expertise to install a wide range of systems and will work with you to design a system which will provide you peace of mind that your business is protected 24/7.

Access control

Access control systems provides a cost-effective way to control who has access to particular areas of a building. A great solution for schools, care homes and businesses without reception areas or front of house staff, installing an access control system will allow you to keep tabs on visitors and staff alike. We have the expertise to install a range of access control systems, with options to suit all budgets and requirements.

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To find out more about how we can help you protect your business, why not get in touch with FirstEye to obtain a free, no-obligation quote?