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CCTV vs burglar alarms – which system is right for you?

Business and homeowners alike often ask us whether it would be best for them to have a CCTV system rather than a burglar alarm. Unfortunately, it’s hard to give a definitive answer to this question as with so many things in life, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work! A number of factors need to be taken into consideration if you’d like to decide whether or not CCTV is best for you, including:

• Will CCTV offer the most cost-effective solution?
• Is regular maintenance going to be possible to ensure that the CCTV system continues to provide effective protection?
• Is the best option to simply install a security alarm AND CCTV system?

Although there’s no doubt that CCTV cameras provide a highly effective deterrent, if remote monitoring isn’t available, camera footage can only be used retrospectively as evidence. Despite the fact that the sight of CCTV cameras is usually enough to put off most thieves, there are some who are determined enough not to be put off.. Therefore remote monitoring is the most effective solution and can could you save money on other crime prevention measures.

What is remote monitoring?

CCTV systems which are remotely monitored will alert you as an incident happens because those monitoring the system will contact you or the emergency services. This clearly offers a far better opportunity to catch thieves whilst they’re committing a crime and footage only needs to be used once the offence has occurred. Bear in mind though that in the majority of cases though a remotely monitored CCTV system is usually sufficient to stop intruders in their tracks.

Monitored burglar alarm systems

Burglar alarm systems are also more effective when they’re monitored. Unlike simple bell only systems and depending on the type of monitoring you choose, either yourself, an emergency contact (a neighbour, for example) or the police will be informed if the alarm is triggered. Monitored alarms are much more efficient than bell only systems as when the alarm is activated, the professionals who monitor the system will asses the risk to security. A well-designed and professionally installed burglar alarm offers real benefits to home and business owners alike, providing you with protection and peace of mind, no matter where you might be.

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Home automation helps to cut the cost of energy

Home automation systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Although the weather is warm at the moment, autumn is just around the corner and as the temperature starts to drop, many of us start thinking about the cost of heating our homes. In addition, as many people are now working from home, keeping your house warm during the winter is going to become more important than ever before! With this in mind, a home automation system can help you make big savings when it comes to reducing heating bills.

Take control of your heating with a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat can be installed as part of a home automation system and is a new type of central heating control. Designed to be accessed and adjusted remotely using an app, a smart thermostat could provide you with far more control over your central heating, regardless of what time of day or night, or where you are.
A range of smart thermostats are currently available and whilst each has different features and works slightly differently, they are likely to offer the option to:
• Turn your heating on and off, or to control the temperature via an app on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
• Control the heating in different rooms or areas of your home, helping to avoid wasted energy in rooms which aren’t being used.
• Provide you with information on how much energy you are using, helping you to adjust or reduce the amount of energy used.
• Control the heating in your home, based on your routine. Many home automation systems are designed to remember your routine energy use and will remember this information and set your heating accordingly.

Smart thermostats offer a range of benefits

Smart thermostats offer a number of benefits, not least in terms of helping you to save money by controlling your central heating more efficiently. For example, if you are going to be late home from work you could delay the time your heating is set to switch on, or if you’re due to get home early, the heating can be turned on in advance.
Furthermore, you’re also likely to find that because a smart thermostat gives you with an accurate picture of how much energy you use at different times of day, they offer a useful way to work out the optimum central heating settings for your home, your family and your lifestyle.

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Five ways a CCTV system could help you protect your business

CCTV installations in Leeds

If you’ve thought about installing a CCTV system but have been put off by the cost and disruption, we thought we’d set out the five main benefits which the latest systems offer. CCTV is now a cost effective option and whether you have just one camera or several, installing a system can offer your business a number of real benefits. Here are five examples of how CCTV could help you safeguard your business and enhance security:

• Deterrent: if cameras are installed in locations where they can be easily seen, CCTV offers a very effective way of deterring thieves from entering your premises. In addition, signs to warn criminals that they will be prosecuted are displayed alongside, they’ll think twice before attempting to break in. It’s also worth bearing in mind that criminals are most likely to target businesses which appear to have little or no security protection. This means that installing CCTV offers a way to give yours the protection it deserves.
• Aid prosecution and prevent false claims: the CCTV systems we install are designed to provide crystal-clear images (even when it’s dark), helping to increase chances of prosecution whilst also providing you with valuable evidence to use with an insurance claim. Furthermore, CCTV footage can also help to safeguard your business against fraudulent insurance claims or claims for personal injury or misconduct.
• Safeguard your employees: installing CCTV will help your staff feel safer, especially those who have to work alone or at night.
• Enhance work and safety: a benefit of CCTV which is often overlooked is the advantages it can offer in terms of creating a safe working environment. CCTV cameras help to encourage staff to adhere to health and safety rules, therefore helping to minimise the risk of them taking potentially hazardous shortcuts. In addition, CCTV can also prove useful in emergency situations, such a spotting a fire or accident.
• Safeguard your premises 24/7: The latest CCTV systems can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, offering you the capability to monitor your business premises regardless of where you are. Not only does this provide peace of mind, it also gives you the chance to take immediate action in the event of a break in.

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Does your home have the security protection it deserves?

Home security solutions installed in Leeds by FirstEye

If you’re lucky enough to be getting away on holiday this summer, it’s important to ensure that your home is adequately protected before you leave. Unfortunately we often meet homeowners who are having an alarm fitted because they’ve just been burgled. Rather than waiting until the worst has happened, it’s much better to install security protection now to make sure that you avoid the distress, expense and upheaval that a break in can cause.

Domestic security systems to suit all budgets and requirements

Here at FirstEye we have the expertise to install a wide range of security solutions; from security lights and smart doorbells, through to CCTV systems and alarms. We work closely with our clients to help them find the best security solutions for their budget and requirements; with options to suit homes and flats of all sizes. Our full range of domestic security services includes:

  • Intruder alarms with smartphone app control
  • CCTV systems designed to be monitored at anytime from anywhere via a smartphone app
  • Door and gate intercoms including smart doorbells
  • Electric gates and vehicle security posts
  • Security lighting

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Electric gates designed to give your home or business an extra level of protection

Electrical gates installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Electric gates offer a number of security benefits and in the majority of cases, are installed by homeowners for security reasons. Designed to provide a highly visual and robust deterrent to car thieves, burglars and vandals, electric gates are an effective way to ensure your home or business premises is protected around the clock.

Close your gates without having to get out of the car

Traditional wooden or wrought iron gates which have been left wide open are, unfortunately, an all too common site. The irony is that despite the fact that the majority of gates are installed for security reasons, closing them involves getting out of the car; something which is not ideal when the weather is wet or whilst it’s dark. This is where electric gates can prove incredibly helpful as thanks to the automated closing system, they can be easily opened or shut using a remote control designed to be kept in your car. In addition, systems are now available where the gates are operated by a mobile phone app, designed to provide even greater ease of use and convenience.

Electric gates installed in business car parks can be easily opened and closed in a similar way using a range of entry systems, from number plate recognition through to key pad access or remote control.

The ideal way to deal with unwanted traffic

If your driveway or businesses’ car park is open onto a busy road or in a high-traffic area, you’ll be all to aware of the frustration caused by other drivers using your property as a turning circle, or even parking on your premises. These situations are easily prevented with electric gates which can, in addition, provide an effective way to safeguard children or pets.

Electric gates designed for all types of business premises

Whether your business is office based or in the business, industrial, manufacturing or commercial sectors, the installation of security gates offers a highly effective way to safeguard your premises. Electric gates will not provide you with complete control over who has who has access, they can also be used to protect your employees’ cars from theft and prevent unauthorised parking.

Choosing the best electric gates for you

The most appropriate type of electric gate for your property or business premises will depend on a wide range of factors. Here at FirstEye we have many years of experience in installing electric gates, bollards and barriers in homes and business premises of all shapes and sizes and we’ll work closely with you to find the best solution for your budget and requirements.

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Control who has access with access control

Control who has access with access control

As increasing numbers of businesses re-open and we start to find ways of managing the ‘new normal’, the challenge of controlling customer or visitor numbers can be daunting. Installing an access control system offers a simple, cost effective way to control and monitor who has access to your business premises and will provide reassurance that you are meeting latest guidelines.

Access control systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

At FirstEye we have many years of experience in installing access control systems for business, commercial and industrial customers. We’ll work with you to find the best system for your requirements: we’ll discuss the options available and help you choose a product which is in line with your needs and budget.

Access control systems vary in complexity but in essence they all do the same thing. Entrance ways to a building, or parts of a building, are controlled by intercom or video access. Staff can be provided with access through an electronic ‘key’ such as a pass code, or access card.

Access control offers a range of benefits including:

  • Ideal for use in a wide range of buildings and business premises including shops, offices, medical clinics, schools, nurseries and residential care homes.
  • Security is instantly improved as you’ll know who’s in the building at any particular time. In addition, unwanted visitors can be turned away before they have a chance to enter the building.
  • Access control systems are simple to install and are available in a range of options.
  • Many systems can be integrated with a security alarm, fire alarm or CCTV system.

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Make sure your home is protected

Residential security systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

As lock down slowly eases, many of us are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to get away on holiday this summer!

Whether you’re going to be able to go on holiday this summer or not, now is the perfect time to ensure your home is safe, secure and protected. The sight of a security system alone – whether a burglar alarm or CCTV system – is usually enough to deter the majority of thieves and rather than waiting until the worst happens and you’re broken into, it’s much less stressful to ensure your home is adequately protected in the first place.

Here at FirstEye we work closely with our clients to install a wide range of security solutions, with options to suit all budgets and requirements:

• CCTV: increasingly popular with homeowners, CCTV offers unbeatable protection 24/7.
• Security alarms: an essential piece of security kit, an alarm will protect your home whilst deterring potential thieves.
• Access control: particularly suited to elderly vulnerable homeowners, the latest access control systems offer the capability to check who’s at the door without having to answer it.
• Smart doorbells: these work in a similar way to access control systems and will enable you to ‘answer’ the door even when you’re not at home. A great way to avoid missed deliveries and verify callers, a smart doorbell offers a cost effective way to enhance security.

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Don’t give burglars a place to hide – protect your home with security lighting

Security lighting installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Although we’re at the start of summer and enjoying the long, warm evenings, unfortunately thieves make maximum use the cover of darkness to break into homes. One of most effective way to deter thieves is to install security lighting, designed to illuminate the exterior of your home with bright light to prevent and deter burglars from finding somewhere to hide.

Here at FirstEye we have the expertise to design and install a range of security lighting solutions; from sensor lights, designed to be triggered by movement, through to patio lighting, garage lighting and exterior feature lighting.

Security lighting to suit all requirements

Placing lights above your front and back door, or patio doors if you have them, not only helps to deter thieves but will also make you feel more secure when arriving home at night. Garden lighting looks stunning and offers a beautiful way to highlight trees and planting, with the additional benefit of discouraging thieves from entering the space. Patio lighting provides another practical solution which not only enhances the look of your garden at night, but will also help to make outdoors areas safer.

Sheds and garages are being increasingly targeted by thieves who know they are often used to store expensive bikes, DIY and sports equipment such as golf clubs. Sheds and garages need protection too and installing security lighting helps to increase security by providing a visible, effective deterrent.

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What’s your plan for business security?

Business, commercial and industrial security solutions installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Although any, many businesses are facing incredibly challenging times at the moment, business security is still an important issue and if overlooked, can prove incredibly costly and stressful to resolve. If you run your own business you’re likely to be all too aware of your responsibility to ensure workplace safety. Whilst the term ‘workplace safety’ includes things like electrical safety etc., it’s important to make careful consideration for the personal safety of your employees, customers, whilst also ensuring your business assets are protected.

At FirstEye we have many years of experience in working with business of all shapes and sizes in Leeds, providing a wide range of highly effective security solutions. We know that not everyone has the big budgets needed to afford the latest high-tech security kit and with this in mind, we offer flexible solutions to suit all budgets and requirements.

We also understand that the security needs of different businesses can vary significantly as an office-based business, for example, is unlikely to need as much protection as a shop full of expensive stock, or factory used to house valuable equipment. Security is vital important for all businesses – regardless of what they do – and we work closely with business owners to find a system that’s ideally suited to their needs.

Planning your businesses’ security

Unfortunately many business owners fail to think about security on a regular basis and as a result have no idea if they have sufficient protection. A ‘head in the sand’ approach might work the majority of the time, but it can prove very expensive and stressful if the worst happens and your business suffers a break in. Taking an inventory of your existing security systems is a great way to begin and spending a little time checking your alarm is also a good place to start. Here are a few things you could think about:

• Is your business protected by an alarm, and if it is, when was the last time it was serviced?
• Does your business have a reception area? Is it protected by CCTV?
• Do you store sensitive information such as financial records?
• Is your business in a remote area?
• Does your business have a car park and is it protected from unauthorised vehicles?

Thinking about the security of your business is a good way to identify any areas which are vulnerable and would benefit from extra protection. Reception areas, for example, can really benefit from the protection offered by CCTV, whilst an access control system is a cost-effective way to control who has access to your business premises. Car parks often benefit from the enhanced security provided by barriers, whilst security lighting offers a way to help staff feel more secure and deter potential intruders. Last and by no means least, ensuring your security alarm is in good working order, or installing an alarm if you don’t already have one is an unbeatable way to increase the security of your business.

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Here at FirstEye we take great pride in providing businesses in Leeds with a wide range of high-quality, affordable security solutions. From alarm installations and maintenance, through to CCTV, access control and security lighting, we have the expertise to ensure you, your staff and your business are safe, secure and protected from crime.

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The benefits of choosing CCTV to protect your home

FirstEye – professional CCTV installers in Leeds

Up until fairly recently CCTV was seen as a security measure designed to benefit shopping centres, large business premises factories and warehouses. However, thanks to developments in technology and a reduction in costs, CCTV is being used to by increasing numbers of homeowners to protect their properties against theft, vandalism or intruders.

Here at FirstEye we provide a domestic CCTV installation service which is available to homeowners throughout Leeds and surrounding areas. Whether you’d like just one camera or several, we have the expertise to provide you with a HD system designed to give you crystal clear images.

Here are just a few examples of how installing CCTV could benefit you, your family and your lifestyle:

  • CCTV isn’t just for catching unwanted intruders as it can be used to keep an eye on your property and pets whilst you’re away from home.
  • Footage can be viewed regardless of where you are by using one of the latest apps for iPhone or Android.
  • HD TVI offers a great, cost-effective CCTV option for homeowners who’d like great coverage provided by a user-friendly system at an affordable price. Full HD quality pictures can be accessed via an app installed on a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop PC.
  • HD IP CCTV is ideal for tech savvy homeowners who are looking for a future-proof system which will provide cutting-edge technology for many years to come. Offering a range of useful features including a built in microphone for audio recording, facial recognition, people counting and many more, this type of system needs a high speed home broadband connection to maximise its capabilities.
  • If you already have an analogue system but would like to upgrade to HD, our team have the expertise to help you make the most of the latest technology. In many cases we are able to re-use existing cabling to help keep costs to a minimum, providing you with an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of HD CCTV.

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