smart home security

What is smart home security?

Are smart home systems the future of home security?

Smart technology seems to be everywhere these days: from fingerprint recognition and contactless card payments, through to smart home appliances. Smart home security systems offer the very latest way to protect your home and are designed to provide all the features you’d expect from a burglar alarm but with added extras. Here at FirstEye we install smart home security systems for homeowners in Leeds and whether you’re considering investing in a system or have never heard of the technology, we thought we’d shed some light on what smart home security could mean for you.

This week we’ll focus upon what smart home security systems are and what they do, followed by a post next week on how smart home technology could make your home safer and how systems are installed.

Smart home systems – what are they and what do they do?

Smart home security systems are sets of security gadgets such as a burglar alarm, CCTV cameras, door locks and sensors which are connected to each other through the internet. Designed to be upscaled or downscaled according to your individual requirements, smart home systems can be tailored to include one or many security devices.

Regardless of how many devices are used in a smart home system, they are driven and linked by a central point or hub which is wirelessly connected to the internet. The system is controlled using an app which can be viewed on a smart phone or tablet, regardless of where you are. Not only will this allow you to monitor what’s going on in your home when you’re not there, you’ll also be able to remotely control things such as lighting, central heating or even appliances.

Smart home systems can be added to over time so you might, for example, wish to start with a smart alarm system before adding a couple of CCTV cameras or a smart doorbell at a later date. The choice is yours and we’ll work closely with you to design and install a system which suits your home and family.

Smart home systems have the potential to offer a number of advantages and this is something we’ll cover in next week’s post.

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security gates and bollards installed in Leeds

Protect your property with automatic gates and barriers

The benefits of installing electric security gates

Providing an effective way to protect your home or business premises from unwanted visitors, automatic gates and barriers are ideal for improving security and controlling the movement of vehicles.

Here at FirstEye we are an established team of electrical installation specialists with many years of expertise in all aspects of security for residential, business and commercial customers. Our services include the supply and installation of automatic security gates, barriers and bollards for business and residential properties in Leeds.

Automatic gates designed to meet your requirements

Whether you’re looking for a security gate for a factory car park, office building or your home, we’ll work closely with you to design and install a gate which meets your security needs. From design through to installation, our electric gate installation service offers a great way to ensure your new gates are fitted quickly, with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

The security gates and barriers installed by FirstEye can be controlled in a range of different ways such as hand-held remote keys, mobile controls or entry via key fob. We know that all properties and organisations are different and we’ll work with you to find the best method of control for your property.

Whichever security gate or barrier you choose, safety and security are incredibly important the team at FirstEye. With this in mind, all of the gates and barriers we installed are designed to ensure that the latest health and safety regulations are met, providing you with peace of mind that your staff, visitors or family are protected.

Our security gates and barriers are built to last but there’s no need to compromise on how they look! We can supply stylish gates which compliment residential properties and are available in a wide range of designs, including traditional-style iron gates and wooden gates.

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security system installation

Which security system is best for you and your home?

Residential security systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

You know home security is very important and you know you’d like to protect your property and valuables from theft. However, thanks to the wide range of different systems available, finding the best one to suit your budget and requirements can prove to be very daunting indeed! Here at FirstEye we work with homeowners throughout Leeds, providing them advice and guidance on home security, helping them to choose a solution that’s within their budget.

Choosing the right security protection for your property

From security alarms through to CCTV, access control and smart doorbells, the choice of systems available often seems complicated and confusing! Our engineers are specialists in finding the right solutions for our clients and we’ll talk through your requirements with you, before offering advice on different systems.

All properties will benefit from the installation of a burglar alarm as not only do they offer a very visible deterrent, they also provide effective, round-the-clock protection. We’ll help you decide which alarm is right for your home and family; whether you need a monitored alarm system, one of the latest ‘smart’ alarms or a simple bell-only system.

CCTV is proving increasing popular with homeowners, largely due to the ability to monitor your home whilst you’re not there. CCTV systems can be installed outside your home or inside, whilst many homeowners are choosing to install cameras inside and out for comprehensive protection. We install systems to suit all properties and will work with you to provide you with a system which meets your budget and requirements.

Access control systems are widely used by businesses but they can offer benefits to homeowners too. Particularly useful for the elderly, vulnerable or those who live in properties with a shared entrance, installing an access control system offers a highly effective way to check who’s at the door without having to answer it. Smart doorbells provide similar protection and can be used as a way to ‘answer’ the door, even when you’re out.

Working with you to find the right security solutions

To find out more about how we can help you give your home and family the protection they deserve, get in touch to arrange for your free, no-obligation security survey. Contacting FirstEye is easy: simply call 0113 228 8599 or email

CCTV installations Leeds

The extra benefits CCTV could offer your business

CCTV systems designed and installed by FirstEye

In last week’s blog post we covered some of the ways CCTV can provide you with an invaluable extra set of eyes and ears, helping you give your business the protection it deserves. This week we are going to talk about some of the additional benefits of CCTV – some of which you might not have thought of!

CCTV can help you improve the way you run your business

Although CCTV offers an obvious way to help improve the security of your business, there are several little-known benefits which can prove incredibly helpful:

  • Enhance employee accountability: there’s nothing more disheartening than realising that a member of your team is stealing from you. However, many employees don’t realise the impact that stealing even very low-cost items can have upon a business. CCTV offers a highly effective way to stop the problem in its tracks, deterring would be thieves and making previous culprits think twice.
  • Improve performance: CCTV also provides a solution to the problem of staff under-performance. No-one likes to feel as though they’re being watched and there are rules and regulations surrounding staff monitoring but CCTV can provide a way to let your team know that you’re aware of what’s going on.
  • Decrease your business insurance: the cost of insuring a business seems to increase year-on-year at an alarming rate. However, installing CCTV could mean that your insurance company gives you a discount on your premium. As always, shopping around to find the best deal is a great way to cut costs so why not see what installing CCTV could help you save on your business insurance?

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commercial cctv Leeds

CCTV: an extra set of eyes and ears when you can’t be there

Protect your business with a CCTV system designed and installed by FirstEye

There’s no denying that running a business is hard and if you have your own restaurant, shop or cafe, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep an eye on things if you’re rushed off your feet. This is where CCTV comes in and by installing a camera system not only will you improve the security of your business, you’ll also find it provides you with a very useful extra set of eyes and ears!

CCTV offers business owners a range of real benefits, providing you with the capability to guard your business when you’re not there. Here are just some of the ways CCTV could help you:

  • Deterrent: Given the choice, a burglar will always target the business which isn’t protected by CCTV. It’s also worth bearing in mind that CCTV will help to put off shoplifters or even dishonest members of staff.
  • Insurance: Losing expensive stock to break-ins, shoplifting or staff theft is incredibly disheartening and expensive. CCTV enables you to review footage, work out what’s been going on and provide the police with valuable evidence.
  • Safety: Your safety and the safety of your staff is very important and installing CCTV is a great way to provide reassurance and an extra level of protection.
  • Professional: Installing CCTV is an effective way to demonstrate that you take the security of your business seriously.
  • Monitoring: Last and by no means least, CCTV will enable you to keep an eye on your business when you’re not there; providing you with reassurance and peace of mind that everything is as it should be.

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access control Leeds

Access control: helping you take control of business security

Access control systems designed and installed in Leeds

In this week’s blog post we thought we’d cover the benefits of installing an access control system, followed by a post next week on the different types of systems available.

Installing an access control system offers an efficient and cost effective way to monitor who has access to your business premises, whilst helping to improve security. Here at FirstEye we have the expertise to design and install a new system or upgrade, service and repair and existing system.

What are the benefits of access control?

Access control systems offer a number of real benefits to businesses and organisations of all sizes including:

  • Protection from unauthorised access will prevent opportunist theft, malicious damage or threats to the personal safety of your staff.
  • Access control systems are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to suit premises of all sizes; from shops and factories, through to schools and offices.
  • Access control systems provide flexible security and will enable you to control and monitor who has access to your business premises 24/7.
  • Using digital keys/tokens/pin numbers means that you’ll never have to replace lost keys or change the locks again.
  • Flexible access means you’ll be able to restrict access to a particular door/gate or series of doors, enabling you to create secure areas within your premises.
  • Connection to other systems – security alarm/CCTV/fire alarm – are also possible, providing you with complete control over the security of your business.
  • Access control is suitable for a huge range of premises including nurseries, childcare centres, clinics, care homes and for landlords to safeguard vulnerable residents.

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Don’t forget to come back next week to for information on the types of access control system available!

alarm installation maintenance in Leeds

Burglar alarm servicing and maintenance

Burglar alarm servicing and maintenance in Leeds

As regular readers of our blog will know, we often talk about the security benefits of having a security alarm. However, even the most sophisticated alarm system wont provide your home or business with the protection it needs if it isn’t serviced or maintained on a regular basis.

Here at FirstEye we are specialists in designing and installing security alarm systems for business and residential customers. Alongside our installation services we also have the expertise to service and repair a wide range of burglar alarm systems.

How we can help you

Whether you have a working alarm which needs servicing, or a faulty system which is unreliable, our team of engineers have the expertise to ensure your system gives the protection it was designed to provide. In addition, if your current alarm is outdated, we can also advise you on whether installing a new system would be the most cost-effective option.

Different types of alarm systems require different levels of maintenance. If you have a large business premises, for example, protected by a complex system it is important to ensure that it is serviced regularly. Domestic systems don’t always need to be serviced as frequently and our team will advise you on the most appropriate service schedule for your system.

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Ensuring your security alarm is serviced on a regular basis is the best way to provide yourself with peace of mind. If you would like to find out more about burglar alarm servicing in Leeds, or any other aspect of our services, please get in touch by calling 0113 228 8599 or email

commercial security installations Leeds

Is your shop secure and protected against crime?

Security advice for shop owners

There’s no doubt that running a shop is hard work but (hopefully) very rewarding. It takes time and energy to build up a successful retail business and with this in mind, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect valuable stock and business assets.

Unfortunately the ever-present scourge of shoplifting affects countless shop owners each year, with many millions of pounds lost to theft. Sadly shops will always attract shoplifters but what can you do to make yours more secure? Here’s our advice on some of the best ways to improve shop security:

  • Say hello: greeting shoppers when they enter your shop is a simple yet highly effective way to help cut down on theft. Shoplifters are likely assess how easy it is to steal from you as soon as they walk in: making it clear that you’re paying attention sends out the message that you’re watching and are aware of what’s going on.
  • Map crime: if you’re finding that items are going missing, spend time working out which areas of the shop seem most susceptible. Keep a record of locations, dates and times – once you’ve pinpointed a particular area it’s easier to work out how to improve surveillance. Making the area more visible by repositioning shelving or stock can help, whilst asking staff to spend more time there is can also be beneficial.
  • Keep things tidy: a neat and tidy shop sends out a signal that everything is in order, including security and surveillance. Don’t forget the exterior of your shop too: making sure it looks well kept is a clear demonstration that the security of your business is important to you.
  • Install CCTV: if you haven’t already done so, installing CCTV is probably the single most effective step you can take to improve the security of your shop. Carefully positioned cameras will deter the majority of thieves whilst providing you with reassurance and evidence if the worst happens.

Get in touch for advice on protecting your retail premises

Here at FirstEye we work with businesses throughout Leeds and Yorkshire, providing a wide range of cost-effective security solutions. From intruder alarms and CCTV, through to access control and security lighting, we can help you find solutions to provide your retail premises with the protection it deserves.

To find out more, or to arrange for a free, no-obligation security survey, get in touch by calling 0113 228 8599 or email

security installations Leeds

How to safeguard your shed or garage against theft

Domestic security installations in Leeds

Over the summer months we tend to use our shed and outbuildings a lot more than in the winter. Whether you’re in and out of the shed with gardening equipment, the lawnmower or charcoal for the bar b q, it can be all to easy to leave it unsecured and vulnerable to a break in.

Shed security is often overlooked by homeowners but as West Yorkshire Police have recently reported, there has been in increase in shed and garage burglaries. Unfortunately sheds and garages are often targeted by thieves as they know they’re used to store valuable items such as power tools and sports equipment. With this in mind, it’s very important to ensure your shed and garage have sufficient protection – here are some simple steps you can take:

  • Burglars are far more likely to target sheds with poor levels of security. It’s worth installing additional security measures such as coach bolts or and clutch screws which are designed to make it difficult to remove the door. A shed bar across the door will also provide highly effective protection.
  • A shed or garage window offers a potential access point. To make glazing more secure it’s a good idea to protect the inside of the glass with a laminate coating, whilst beading should be secured using clutch screws or a silicone adhesive.
  • If you use your shed or garage to store bikes or other high value equipment, there are a range of products available designed to secure items to either the shed/garage frame or floor. It is also important to ensure bikes are secured with robust locks.
  • Shed and garage alarms. Designed to offer highly effective protection and a very visible deterrent, a shed or garage alarm will provide you with peace of mind. Here at FirstEye we have the expertise to install alarms in sheds and garages, with a range of options available to suit all budgets.

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Here at FirstEye we are specialist installers of a wide range of home security solutions. To find out more about how we can help you protect your shed or garage from theft, get in touch to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote. Contacting us is simple: call 0113 228 8599 or email

smart home security

Is your home a smart home?

Smart home technology installed in Leeds by FirstEye

There’s no denying that modern life can be very hectic and always being on the go means we need simple, quick solutions, designed to help us stay in control of our homes. Smart technology can help you do just this, offering you the capability to do everything from set your burglar alarm to programming the dishwasher – all by using your mobile phone.

Here at FirstEye we have the expertise to install a range of smart home solutions; from intruder alarms and CCTV through to video doorbells. We can help you make the most of the latest technologies to protect your home, reduce your energy bills and ensure you life it just that little bit easier!

Protect your home with smart home technology

Smart home technology can prove incredibly useful when it comes to home security. When combined with security features such as CCTV or an intruder alarm, smart home automation systems make for the perfect smart home. It’s possible to control security systems using your mobile phone wherever you are; whether you’re on the other side of the world or simply working late. Not only is this a great way to ensure your home looks occupied when you’re not there by switching lights on and off, it will also provide you with peace of mind.

Smart home technology not only offers the capability to switch lights on and off when you’re out; you could also set or unset your alarm. We’ve all had situations where we’ve left the house and then remembered that the alarm wasn’t set. A smart alarm puts paid to this problem by enabling you to switch the alarm on and off remotely.

Last and by no means least, a smart doorbell offers a great enhancement to the security of your home. Smart doorbells are designed to let you see who’s at the door even when you’re not in – great for deterring potential intruders but also providing a useful way to communicate with delivery drivers or the postman!

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