electric gates installed in Leeds

Electrical Gates Fitted in Leeds by FirstEye

Electrical gates are increasingly being chosen for their significant security advantages, with the main reason for their installation being to improve security. Designed to act as a formidable and visible barrier against vehicle theft, break-ins, and vandalism, electrical gates serve as a reliable measure to safeguard your house or commercial property 24/7.

Operate Your Gates Without Exiting Your Vehicle

The sight of traditional wooden or metal gates left ajar is regrettably too familiar. Despite gates being predominantly installed for security purposes, having to get out of the car to close them, especially under adverse weather conditions or during night-time, is less than ideal. This inconvenience has become a thing of the past with electrical gates, which, with their automated operation, can be opened or closed via a remote control. Furthermore, modern advancements have introduced gate operations via smartphone apps, enhancing convenience and usability.

For business premises, electrical gates can similarly be operated with ease, employing various entry mechanisms from license plate recognition to keypad entry or remote control, enabling seamless access control for car parks.

A Solution to Unwanted Vehicular Access

If your driveway or business car park is adjacent to a busy thoroughfare or situated in a high-traffic area, the annoyance of others using your space for turning or unauthorised parking is a familiar problem. Electrical gates offer a solution, preventing intrusions and additionally serving as a safeguard for children and pets.

Electrical Gates Tailored for Every Business Need

No matter the nature of your business, whether it’s office-based, industrial, manufacturing, or commercial, installing security gates is an effective strategy to protect your premises. Not only do electrical gates allow you to regulate access, but they also protect employee vehicles from theft and deter unauthorised parking.

Selecting the Ideal Electrical Gates for Your Needs

Choosing the most suitable electrical gate for your property or business depends on various considerations. At FirstEye, our extensive experience in fitting electrical gates, bollards, and barriers across a wide range of residential and commercial settings enables us to collaborate closely with you, ensuring we identify the optimal solution that matches your budget and specific requirements.