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No one at home? How to ensure your house appears occupied when you’re away

It is widely acknowledged that burglars are more inclined to target houses that appear unoccupied. With the long summer holidays rapidly approaching, it is crucial to take measures to give the impression that your home is occupied when you’re away on holiday or out at work. Here’s our advice on how to easily enhance the security of your home:

• Switching lights on and off is a highly effective way to create the illusion of occupancy. Timer switches are inexpensive and using just a couple of them will deter thieves. Additionally, consider using a timer switch to control your TV or radio’s on/off schedule.
• If you plan to be away for more than a couple of days, consider asking a neighbour or friend to collect your post and keep it out of sight from the front door.
• If you don’t have someone who can assist with your mail, think about utilizing the Post Office’s Keep Safe service.
• Smart doorbells are among the latest advancements in home security solutions and can significantly enhance your home’s security when you’re not around. These doorbells can be connected to your smartphone or tablet, providing you with a clear image of anyone at your door, regardless of your location. This is an excellent way to create the impression that someone is home and also enables you to communicate with delivery drivers and the postman.

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