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Simple security choices to help you protect your home

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As regular readers of our blog will know, here at FirstEye we take the security of our clients’ homes very seriously. We’re always looking for cost effective ways to help you improve home security and with this in mind, our next couple of blog posts will offer simple yet highly effective ways to deter thieves and prevent a break-in. If you’ve ever been burgled you’ll know how awful it is; not least in terms of loss of possessions which may be irreplaceable, but also because of emotional stress and damage to your property.

Sadly there’s not much which can be done to deter a very determined burglar, however there are a number of relatively simple steps you can take to put off any would-be thieves. In this week’s blog we’re going to focus upon how burglars scope out properties and what you can do to make it as hard as possible for them to get in.

Show that you take security seriously

Before attempting to break in to a property a burglar will look for weak points and signs that you’re not security conscious. Telltale signs include keys left in door locks, window locks with the keys inside and doors with a single Yale or cylinder locks. Bear in mind that if the front of your house shows that you don’t take security seriously, a burglar will assume that the back is equally unprotected.

It’s important to put a burglar off before they even try to break in so make sure that you:

  • make sure ladders are stored out of sight and not left lying around
  • install robust door and window locks
  • ensure overgrown shrubs and hedges aren’t providing places for burglars to hide
  • make sure fences are strong and secure – you could also consider planting thorny shrubs around the perimiter of your property
  • sheds and garages should be adequately secured
  • consider installing security lighting – not only does this provide a visible deterrent, it also ensures your home is illuminated at night
  • if there’s a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area, consider joining and then show that you’re part of it by clearly displaying a sticker
  • ask a friend or neighbour to remove post out of sight of doors and windows when you’re away
  • ensure your home always looks occupied by using timer switches on lamps/the radio/TV
  • if you’re going away, mow the front lawn before you leave – an unkempt garden can be a sign that a house is empty

Next week we’ll be focussing on what burglars look for and how to keep your valuable items safe.

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