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Our advice on choosing security systems for homeowners with pets

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Home security is important for all homeowners but if you have a dog or cat, your security system could be triggered by your four legged friend moving about. With this in mind, it can be tempting to choose not to have a security system at all. However, thanks to improvements in the security alarms available, having a pet no longer means you have to compromise on home security. Here’s our advice on ensure your home is secure and pet-friendly.

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Installing a burglar alarm is cost-effective way to protect your home from theft, with statistics showing that around 60% of the burglaries attempted on homes with alarms fail. Nevertheless, many pet owners choose not to install an alarm because they’re worried that their pet could trigger it.

However, there are steps which can be taken to stop lively pets from accidentally setting off a burglar alarm. Many security alarm packages include a pet-friendly motion sensor; designed to use a range of technologies to assess the movement pattern, speed and temperature of whatever has triggered it, therefore ruling out pets. This means that the alarm can be set and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your pets can safely move around the house.

Careful positioning of alarm sensors can also make a huge difference though. If your dog spends the majority of the day in the living room, for example, but has a habit of jumping on the sofa, make sure that any sensors are directed away from this particular area. In addition, don’t forget to ensure that sensors are placed as high as possible on the walls; at least five foot high is ideal. The best way to ensure alarm sensors are in the best position is to choose to have an alarm installed by a security professional.

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