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How to protect your vehicle from the rising tide of steering wheel and car parts theft

Over the last three years there’s been a staggering rise in the number of car parts stolen in the UK. In 2021 alone, over £71m of parts were stolen from cars, including steering wheels, catalytic converters and number plates.

Here at FirstEye we don’t normally cover car security. However, with vehicles increasingly targeted by criminals who aren’t interested in stealing the car itself but valuable parts, we thought we’d provide some advice on how to deter thieves and safeguard your vehicle when it’s parked on your driveway.

What’s the best way to improve driveway security

At best the theft of a car’s parts is annoying, but at worst can leave you with a car which cannot be driven and a huge bill for replacement parts. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to provide your vehicle with 100% guaranteed protection but there are practical steps you can take to deter thieves and reduce your chances of being targeted.

If you park your car on your driveway, it’s well worth installing CCTV which covers the drive and your car. The sight of the cameras alone is often sufficient to deter most thieves, but if the worst happens, you’ll have useful film footage to supply to the police, or to use as evidence as part of an insurance claim. Furthermore, the CCTV systems we install are designed to be controlled and monitored via a smartphone app, so you’ll be able to keep an eye on your vehicle 24/7, receiving alerts when activity is detected.

Security lighting also provides an excellent deterrent as it reduces the number of hiding places for thieves. Domestic LED security lighting is simple to install and cost-effective, making it the ideal way to give your car additional protection. We install security lighting to suit all budgets and requirements, with options suitable for providing enhanced driveway protection.

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