Home security advice for elderly people

Being burgled or becoming a victim of a crime is a concern for many people, but for the elderly, it can be a real worry which adversely affects their lives. Whether you’re worried about safeguarding your home, or are concerned about an elderly relative or friend, there are simple steps you can take to make a property much more secure.

Home security devices

A number of security devices are widely available which are designed to provide additional home security.

Outdoor lighting provides an effective deterrent and is cost-effective to install and run. In addition, security lighting makes it much easier to find your way quickly into your home when you’re coming or going when it’s dark. A range of options are available, from low-level lighting which is designed to automatically turn on from dusk until dawn, or motion-sensor lights which are triggered when movement is detected.

A visible burglar alarm will not only put off burglars but will also warn you if an intruder enters your home. If you decide to install a burglar alarm it’s important to obtain several quotes from reputable alarm installers such as FirstEye. In addition, burglar alarms should be installed by a security professional and it’s also worth bearing in mind that some home insurance companies offer lover premiums if additional security advices have been installed.

Alongside home security devices, there are additional steps you can take to improve the security of your home. Planting a prickly hedge or putting up a strong fence will deter thieves from entering your garden, whilst a gravel path or driveway makes it difficult for burglars to approach in silence. Last and by no means least, ensure your doors and windows have adequate locks.

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