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Burglar alarms: how to choose the best one for your home or business

In this week’s blog we’re going to focus upon finding the best alarm for your home or business premises. A wide range of alarm systems are available. However, with so much choice, deciding which is the right product can seem a little daunting! With this in mind, we’ve put together some information, designed to help you choose the most suitable alarm for your home and lifestyle…

The different types of burglar alarms

A number of different types of security alarms are available, here are some of the pros and cons of each type:

Wireless alarms: an increasingly popular choice, wireless alarms use battery-powered sensors which are designed to communicate with a central control panel through radio signals. The downside to this is that the batteries will need to be replaced periodically. However, as very little wiring is required, wireless alarms offer a cost-effective choice.

Wired alarms: although this type of alarm is generally reliable and robust, it has to be installed by an alarm installation specialist. Wired alarms can be disruptive to install as the wires required for the electronic sensors have to be hidden.

Smart alarms: the latest type of alarm and ideal for residential properties, smart alarms are designed to be integrated with a smart home system. Smart alarms will contact you or a family member if the alarm is triggered, whilst the system can be set or un-set using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Offering cost-effective, comprehensive security, this type of alarm system is becoming increasingly popular.

Bell only alarms: the cheapest option, this type of alarm is designed to make a loud noise. Best suited to homeowners with friendly neighbours or those living in a Neighbourhood Watch area, this type of alarm won’t automatically alert you or the police.

Monitored alarms: if the alarm is triggered a call centre is alerted and they will then contact the police or a designated emergency contact. This type of alarm requires a fee which is paid monthly or annual and it’s worth remembering that the police will stop responding if too many false alarms are received.

Auto-dialler alarms: designed to automatically contact you or a nominated friend if the alarm is triggered, auto-dialler alarms are connected to a phone line or mobile network. This type of alarm does need to phone line or a strong, reliable mobile signal.

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