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Fire alarm systems installed throughout Leeds and Yorkshire

All non-domestic buildings should be protected by a fire alarm which is required for safety and insurance purposes. An essential requirement at all times, a fire alarm system will protect your business whilst it’s empty whilst also safeguarding your staff and customers during operating hours.

At FirstEye we have the expertise to design and install a fire protection system to meet the individual requirements of your business. Catering or manufacturing businesses, for example, are unsuitable for smoke detectors and so heat sensors would be installed instead. Office-based businesses, which tend to have more combustible materials such as soft furnishings and paper, require the protection provided by smoke detectors. All businesses are different and we’ll work closely with you to install a system which gives you the level and type of protection you need.

To ensure the fire detection and alarm system we install is specifically designed to meet the needs of the building, its occupants and the environment, we will carry out a full risk assessment. Student accommodation which has permanent residents, for example, will have different requirements in comparison to an office building which is only occupied during the day. In addition, emergency evacuation needs to be carefully considered and this is an important consideration during the design of a system.

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