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Is your home security up to scratch?

If you’ve ever been burgled, you’ll know only too well just how stressful and upsetting it can be. Not only is there the thought that a complete stranger has been inside your home, but there’s also distress having personal items taken from you. Furthermore, sorting out an insurance claim can be difficult and extremely time consuming. With this in mind, preventing a burglary from happening in the first place is a very sensible step to take.

Although installing a burglar home is a must, there’s also a range of different ways you can make your home safer. A good place to start is by considering every possible entry point to your home, such as doors and windows, for example, and thinking about how they could be safeguarded.

Burglars operate in different ways, and whilst opportunistic thieves will target a property if they see a chance to enter, others will scope out a property in advance, sometimes in collaboration with others. This means that it’s import to consider whether your home always look occupied, there are no places for burglars to hide and that entrances to the house are difficult to enter and visible.

Simple ways to improve home security

Here are a few things to think about to help you improve home security:

  • Make sure doors and windows aren’t left open, if they’re not easily accessible
  • Ensure it’s not obvious when you’re away on holiday or out
  • Never leave a spare key that’s visible or easy to find
  • Don’t provide places for burglars to hide such as hedges and large shrubs
  • Don’t leave ladders lying around
  • Protect your garage or shed with good quality padlocks, security locks and an alarm
  • Install visible window and door locks
  • If you’re away on holiday, ask a neighbour to collect your post or move it out of sight
  • Install timer-switches on lights and lamps

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