CCTV isn’t just for catching intruders – it can help protect your pets too

CCTV systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Increasing numbers of homeowners are installing CCTV as a highly effective way to protect their property from crime. However, did you know that CCTV also offers a great way to check on your property when you’re away from home and is ideal for keeping an eye on pets, for example?

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that many people are now working from home, there has been a sharp increase in the number of dog owners. Unfortunately, this rise in pet ownership has led to a significant rise in the theft of dogs from domestic properties. Obviously, we can’t be at home to keep an eye on our pets 24/7 and this is where CCTV can prove incredibly useful.

CCTV has become increasingly popular with homeowners over recent years. Offering an incredibly effective way to safeguard against crime, CCTV is widely recognised as a great way to deter thieves from attempting to enter your property. The sight of CCTV is often enough to deter even the most determined the thieves, as the cameras indicate that you take the security of your home very seriously.

For the very best coverage and to provide your pets with maximum protection, installing cameras both inside and outside your home is likely to be the best option. Here at FirstEye we have many years of experience in installing CCTV in all properties of all sizes, and our team can advise you on the best way to give your home (and pets) the best possible protection.

We have systems to suit all budgets and requirements: from HD TVI CCTV which is the ideal option for homeowners who want good coverage at an affordable price. Alternatively, HD IP CCTV is perfect for tech-savvy homeowners who’d like a future proof system.

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