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Which type of access control system is best for your business?

Access control systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Access control systems provide flexible security by enabling you to control who has access to your business premises, or particular areas of your business premises, at any time. Offering the ideal way to prevent unauthorised access, installing access control also puts an end to the expensive (and time-consuming) problem of lost staff keys and having to change locks.

Standalone or networked access control?

Access control is ideal for a wide range of settings and is suitable for installation in offices, shops and warehouses, through to care homes, schools and nurseries. However, as there are two main types of access control system available – standalone and network/PC based – it can be difficult to choose the best system for your particular premises. Our team are experts in providing businesses and organisations of all sizes with guidance but in the meantime, here’s an outline of each type of access control system:

Standalone access control systems are simple to operate and are most effective when used to control a single gate, door, or several doors in a series. Each unit is individually programmed by each doors entry system which means that this type of access control system is more suitable when there are a smaller number of users. Access is gained at each door via either a keypad code number, swipe card or ‘key’ fob which is scanned by a reader. Ideal for small business premises such as offices or shops, standalone access control also proves very effective when installed in flats, apartments, members only clubs or individual storage units.

Access control systems which are networked or PC based, are controlled from a central computer through networked access control software. Users have the capability to control all of the access points within a building from anywhere in the building. In addition, individual or group user access pathways can also be created, whilst access cards, fobs or tokens can be added or blocked as required. In addition, networked access control systems also include a reporting facility which enables the identification of everyone who has passed through each access point or door. As a result, the capabilities of networked systems makes them ideal for larger businesses who need multiple user access with individual control, or for sites which multiple buildings such as colleges, universities, commercial buildings and industrial sites.

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