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Electrical fires – are you aware of the risks?

Tragically, house fires are often caused by electrical faults, with many resulting in severe injuries, death and serious property damage. When you consider that the majority of electrical fires could have been easily prevented and knowing how to help prevent electrical fires by carrying out a few simple checks and being aware of the warning signs could save your life.

What are the warning signs of an electrical fire?

The majority of electrical fires happen during the winter months; this is likely to be because the days are shorter and so we tend to have lighting, heating and appliances turned on for longer periods. Furthermore, we’re more likely to stay at home during the winter, using rooms we don’t use so often in the summer. This increases the risk of a fire resulting from a faulty socket or appliance.

It’s often assumed that electrical fires start spontaneously but this is not so. In most cases there will have a been a prior warning and things to look out for include switches or plugs which feel hot to the touch. Some plugs do get hot and if this is the case, the manufacturer will have indicted this on the packaging. As a general rule of thumb, hot plugs or sockets should not be used until they have been checked over by a qualified electrician.

Faulty or poor wiring and the danger posed by frayed or exposed wires should never be underestimated. Visible wires can be ‘live’ when touched and can cause an electrical shock or start a fire.

Last and by no means least, never be tempted to plug in more than one appliance into a single socket, especially when the socket is already being used to a power an appliance which tends to be used very frequently such as a kettle. Rather than overloading sockets, it’s much, much safer to have additional sockets installed by a qualified electrician.

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