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Business security: make sure you have the basics in place

Here at FirstEye we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across Leeds and surrounding areas. From offices and shops, through to warehouses, industrial sites and farms, we provide a wide range of cost-effective security solutions designed to suit all businesses. Unfortunately we’re often called out by businesses who have just been burgled and who want to install a security system to provide them with protection going forward. Whilst hindsight is a wonderful thing, situations like this offer a timely reminder that it’s always better to ensure your business has the security protection it needs from the outset, rather than waiting until the worst happens and you’re broken into.

With this in mind, it’s important to make sure that you at least have the security basics in place. Installing a security alarm is the best place to start for a number of reasons, including:

  • security alarms are proven to provide a highly effective deterrent as the sight of the bell box alone is usually sufficient to deter all but the most determined of thieves
  • the latest wireless security alarms are designed to be set, un-set and monitored using a smartphone app, offering a convenient way to ensure your business is protected 24/7
  • wireless alarm systems can be designed and installed to suit all types of business premises, including multi-site premises such as industrial units, farms or manufacturing facilities
  • for comprehensive protection, intruder alarm systems can be integrated with additional security solutions such as CCTV or access control
  • we install high quality security alarms with options to suit all budgets and requirements

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