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Will your home have the security protection it needs when you’re away this summer?

Home security systems installed throughout Leeds by FristEye

The summer is rapidly approaching and if you’ve booked, or are about to book, your summer getaway, ensuring you have adequate home security should be at the top of your holiday preparation list. Sadly we often work with homeowners who’ve returned from a holiday only to find that their home has been been burgled. Rather than leaving it until the worst happens, our advice is to make sure your home has the protection it needs BEFORE you leave it unattended.

Home security solutions to suit all budgets and requirements

Home security doesn’t have to be expensive and here at FirstEye we install systems to suit all budgets and requirements. Simple bell only burglar alarms can provide a highly visible deterrent as often the sight of an alarm bell box is enough to put off most thieves. We also install smart alarm systems which can be monitored and controlled using a mobile phone app, offering you the capability to monitor the security of your home whilst you’re away.

For comprehensive protection a combined alarm and CCTV system is pretty hard to beat. CCTV is a great way to deter thieves and if the worst does happen, will provide you with useful evidence to give to the police or as part of an insurance claim. We have the expertise to install CCTV systems of all sizes and complexity, from single cameras, through to multi-camera systems.

Get in touch with FirstEye to arrange for you free security survey

Prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to home security and there’s no substitute for the protection provided by a working security alarm or CCTV system. Start improving the security of your home today with a free security survey carried out by FirstEye: to find out more call 0113 228 8599 or email quote@firsteye.co.uk