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Is your shop secure and protected against crime?

Security advice for shop owners

There’s no doubt that running a shop is hard work but (hopefully) very rewarding. It takes time and energy to build up a successful retail business and with this in mind, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect valuable stock and business assets.

Unfortunately the ever-present scourge of shoplifting affects countless shop owners each year, with many millions of pounds lost to theft. Sadly shops will always attract shoplifters but what can you do to make yours more secure? Here’s our advice on some of the best ways to improve shop security:

  • Say hello: greeting shoppers when they enter your shop is a simple yet highly effective way to help cut down on theft. Shoplifters are likely assess how easy it is to steal from you as soon as they walk in: making it clear that you’re paying attention sends out the message that you’re watching and are aware of what’s going on.
  • Map crime: if you’re finding that items are going missing, spend time working out which areas of the shop seem most susceptible. Keep a record of locations, dates and times – once you’ve pinpointed a particular area it’s easier to work out how to improve surveillance. Making the area more visible by repositioning shelving or stock can help, whilst asking staff to spend more time there is can also be beneficial.
  • Keep things tidy: a neat and tidy shop sends out a signal that everything is in order, including security and surveillance. Don’t forget the exterior of your shop too: making sure it looks well kept is a clear demonstration that the security of your business is important to you.
  • Install CCTV: if you haven’t already done so, installing CCTV is probably the single most effective step you can take to improve the security of your shop. Carefully positioned cameras will deter the majority of thieves whilst providing you with reassurance and evidence if the worst happens.

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