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Security solutions for farms and rural businesses

Unfortunately burglary and theft are an on-going issue for farms and businesses located in rural areas. Thieves take advantage of remote locations, using isolated areas to travel around undetected. As with all security protection, prevention is always better than cure and so installing a CCTV system and security alarm will give your farm or rural business the protection it deserves.

At FirstEye we are part of the NFU’s Rural CCTV Partnership which works to support and protect farmers and rural properties against crime. As a Rural CCTV Partner, we are able to offer NFU members 10% off a CCTV installation in North Yorkshire or West Yorkshire. In addition, not only will we offer 10% off your CCTV installation, we’ll also give you a 10% discount off any intruder alarm installed at the same time.

It’s worth bearing in mind that CCTV can prove particularly useful for farms as it provides a highly effective way to closely monitor livestock, buildings, machinery and land from anywhere via an app on your smartphone. Here are a few further benefits CCTV offers all rural businesses:

• CCTV cameras offer a highly visible deterrent
• You’ll be able to monitor your property and land regardless of where you are, providing much needed peace of mind
• The latest CCTV systems provide crystal clear images which can be used as evidence by the police or in the event of an insurance claim
• We offer a wide range of CCTV systems which can be scaled up or down to suit your individual requirements

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