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As the rules surrounding the current lock down are slowly eased, increasing numbers of businesses are working hard to prepare their premises for re-opening and the ‘new normal’. Here at FirstEye we help businesses by providing a range of security solutions, some of which are proving incredibly helpful when it comes to re-opening safely. From remote body temperature thermometers through to access control systems and CCTV, we offer a range of options, designed to help businesses meet social distancing guidelines whilst protecting their staff and customers.

Pole mounted body thermometers

These ingenious pieces of kit are designed to remotely take the temperature of anyone who enters a building. No physical contact is required and in the event that the device detects someone with a raised temperature, an alarm will sound. These temperatures are incredibly accurate, making them highly beneficial for a wide range of locations: from GP surgeries, schools, care homes and dental clinics, through to office buildings, factories and shops. We are specialist installers of UNV Heat-Tracker Free Standing Pole-Mounted Body Thermometers and have experience in fitting the system in a wide range of settings.

Access control systems

Normally used to improve business security by controlling who has access to a premises, access control systems are proving incredibly useful during the current pandemic. Offering an ideal solution to the safe monitoring of visitor access to a business premises, care home, school or office; installing an access control system provides an effective way to verbally screen staff, visitors or customers. At FirstEye we have many years of experience in installing access control systems in all types of buildings and can offer a wide range of options, with systems to suit all budgets and requirements.

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