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How to prevent stolen doorstep deliveries

How to prevent stolen doorstep deliveries

Over the past couple years, the number of people shopping online has increased dramatically. Whilst online shopping does offer a convenient way to shop around for the best deals and bargains, if your delivery arrives and you’re not home, your order could end up being left on your doorstep. Thieves are using our love of online shopping as an opportunity to take items which are left unattended by delivery drivers. At best this is incredibly irritating, but at worst it can prove very expensive and distressing. With this in mind, what can you do to prevent stolen doorstep deliveries?

Ways to prevent doorstep theft

The trend of theft of items left on doorsteps by delivery drivers is growing. Here are a few practical ways to protect what you buy online:

  • make the most of parcel/delivery tracking so that someone is at home when your order is due to arrive

  • alternatively, arrange to have items delivered to your workplace or a trusted neighbour, family member or friend

  • video doorbells are effective at preventing doorstep crime as you’ll be notified immediately if a delivery arrives

  • security lighting makes sure the exterior of your home is illuminated, making it harder to thieves to carry out crime undetected

  • if you have frequent deliveries, consider using an off-site locker service, such as those located inside supermarkets and convenience stores

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