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Is your home a smart home?

Smart home installations for homeowners in Leeds

Although smart home technology sounds a bit like something you’d see in a science fiction film, the latest smart home systems actually offer an affordable and easy way to enjoy a wide range of benefits. At FirstEye our team have the expertise to install a range of home automation systems and because we use a ‘retrofit’ installation system, very little drilling is required. We’ll simply replace your existing switches, sockets and radiator valves, replacing them with the smart-home compatible versions.

The benefits of installing a smart home system

When smart home technology is mentioned, many people’s eyes glaze over as they assume it’s yet another gadget, developed to computerise another aspect of our lives. This is simply not the case and using home automation offers a highly effective way to control the security, lighting and heating of your home – regardless of where you happen to be. No doubt there have been times when you’ve been delayed home from work and wished you could re-set the heating, or set off on holiday, only to realise that you didn’t set the burglar alarm? Smart home automation solves problems such as these and more, providing you with enhanced control and helping to reduce your energy bills.

Home automation also offers an excellent way to protect your home and family. The systems we install are designed to allow you to check on your house whilst you’re out or away, no matter where you happen to be in the world. To further enhance the security of your home, some systems are designed to enable you to remotely set or unset your alarm system – perfect for those times when you forget!

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Offering a cost-effective way to save time and reduce your energy bills, a home security system will also provide you with the reassurance that your home is save, secure and protected.

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