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National Home Security Month: CCTV designed to protect your home 24/7

CCTV systems installed in homes in Leeds

October is National Home Security Month and for week three we’ll be focusing upon the benefits installing a CCTV system can offer. Whereas once CCTV was only used to protect public spaces such as shopping centres and car parks, it is now proving increasingly popular with homeowners who are keen to enhance the security of their homes.

Why install a CCTV system?

Whilst a security alarm provides a highly effective way to protect your home, a CCTV system offers the potential to take home security to a whole new level. The CCTV systems we install in Leeds are designed to be monitored at any time and from anywhere via a convenient, user-friendly mobile phone or tablet app. Providing you with the option to check on your home regardless of where you are, CCTV offers enhanced protection and peace of mind.

CCTV is suitable for use in the majority of homes and can prove especially useful in larger properties, rural areas and houses with large gardens. Cameras are positioned to provide maximum protection, covering exterior door ways, patio doors, garages, driveways and side passages, for example. In addition, some homeowners choose to install cameras inside their homes and a range of discreet options are available. Offering a superb way to give your family, home and possessions the protection they deserve, CCTV will give you reassurance that your property is safeguarded from theft and crime.

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