Our guide to fire safety in the kitchen

Kitchen safety advice from FirstEye electricians in Leeds

Several thousand people are injured in kitchen fires every year – a staggering figure especially when you consider that this amount doesn’t include those killed by kitchen fires. Fire safety is incredibly important so make sure you and your family know what to do to ensure that you stay safe.

Is your kitchen safe?

To minimise the risk of a kitchen fire, it’s important that your kitchen is a safe place to be. By taking the following steps, you’ll be helping to minimise the chances of a fire:

  • Never keep electrical leads near a source of water: if your kettle is located next to the sink, for example, find another, safer place to keep it.
  • Make sure your oven, hob and toaster are kept clean and free from grease as a build-up of fat and bits of food are a fire risk.
  • Tea towels, towels, curtains and blinds should be well away from the cooker.
  • Large appliances such as washing machines, fridges and dishwasher should be regularly checked to ensure they are safe. If you see scorch marks around the socket or a damaged electrical cable, stop using the appliance and seek professional advice.
  • Never try and repair an appliance yourself – seek professional advice or if a small appliance such as a toaster breaks down, replacing it with a new one is usually the cheapest, safest option.
  • Don’t be tempted to run an extension cable across the floor or to overload plug sockets: if you don’t have enough sockets in the kitchen the safest thing to do is to ask a reputable electrician to install new ones.
  • A working smoke alarm is vital but if yours is near the kitchen and keeps going off frequently, consider moving it to avoid false alarms. It’s also worth considering installing a heat alarm in the kitchen – as the name says, these are triggered by sharp rises in heat, rather than smoke – making them ideal for use in kitchens.

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Make fire safety your priority

Fire alarm installations in Leeds

Today’s tragic news of a devastating fire in a London tower block is a terrible demonstration of the importance of fire safety. Of course it is far too early for the cause of the fire to be identified, but regardless of how it happened; a major fire such as this highlights the need for adequate fire protection in large residential buildings.

Fire alarm installation services from FirstEye

It goes without saying that a reliable fire alarm is the single most effective way to help prevent or minimise the outbreak of a fire. There are rules and regulations in place which govern the installation of fire alarms in multi-occupancy residential buildings and our team are specialists in designing and installing systems which meet these regulations.

We provide electrical installation services for landlords throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire and whether you have a fire safety system which needs updating or servicing, or are considering installing a new system, we can help. We’ll provide you with the advice and guidance you need to ensure your tenants are safe, secure and protected, providing you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is of the standard required.

Our electrical installation services are also available for business and commercial customers, covering the installation of fire alarm systems in offices, shops, industrial units and factories. Designed to protect your business and employees from the risk of fire, our fire alarm systems can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business premises.

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Is your home an easy target?

The top ten things burglars look out for – security advice from FirstEye

Burglars generally like to make things as easy for themselves as possible and are always on the lookout for easy targets. By understanding the mistakes other homeowners make, you’ll help to protect your home from the risk of being burgled.


Unfortunately thousands of burglaries are carried out each year by thieves who haven’t even had to physically break in to gain entry. Many homeowners readily admit to leaving a spare key hidden around their property in all sorts of places including under the doormat, in the bin or under a plant pot. Burglars are all too aware of this so rather than leaving a spare key lying around; it’s much safer to leave one with a neighbour. However, if this isn’t possible, you could consider investing in one of latest keyless smart locks which would allow you and other members of your household to gain entry using a PIN code, key tag or smartphone.

Ground floor windows and patio doors

Ground floor windows or patio doors tend to be fitted with less security hardware, making them a relatively easy target for thieves. If you have patio doors, make sure that they have been glazed with security glass and a robust locking system, whilst ground floor windows should be fitted with appropriate locks.

Vulnerable people

Some groups of people are more susceptible to burglary than others and it’s often students, the elderly and people moving house who are often the target of theft. Student properties, for example, don’t often have burglar alarms and because residents come and go frequently, keys can fall into the wrong hands. Security can be vastly improved in many situations with the installation of a basic intruder alarm and robust locks on ground floor windows.

Expensive, small items

Thieves entering a property do so with the aim of getting in and out as quickly as possible. This is why small, easy to pick up items are often the target. Jewellery, electrical items and cash should always be kept locked away and out of sight of windows – a home safe which has been securely bolted to a wall or the floor is the ideal solution.

Electrical items

Tablets, computers and smartphones are often sought out by thieves as they can be easily sold on for a relatively high value. With this in mind, make sure you regularly ensure any data is backed up and choose products which have in-built security devices.


Tools are often stolen as they can be easily sold on and/or used in other break-ins. Always make sure that any outside storage areas such as your garage or shed have been adequately secured – intruder alarms and robust locks are available to protect outbuildings

Places to hide

Don’t give thieves a place to hide – make sure hiding places are limited by installing security lighting and ensuring hedges and bushes are kept well-trimmed.

Forgetful homeowners

By forgetting to keep your home secure, you’ll be helping to advertise your property to thieves. Always ensure you lock doors when you go out and never store keys (including car keys) within sight or reach of windows or doors. Also, don’t make the mistake of assuming that by being at home a burglar won’t try to break in. Unfortunately many thieves actively choose occupied homes at night as they know they’re more likely to contain mobile phones, wallets and car keys.

Going on holiday

If you’re going on holiday, it’s really important to make sure that you don’t advertise the fact that your home will be empty. There are lots of things you can do to help such as leaving a car on the drive, asking a neighbour to move post away from the front door and using timer switches to turn lights on and off.

Security advice and installations for homeowners in Leeds

Protecting your home doesn’t need to be stressful, time-consuming or expensive. Here at FirstEye we have many years of experience in providing cost-effective, reliable security solutions for homeowners throughout Leeds. If you would like advice on securing your home, or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to call us today.

The pros and cons of using social media to improve home security

How to make the most online groups and forums to protect your home from burglars

There’s been a spate of media reports recently detailing how social media can have a negative impact upon home security.

In this age of social media, finding out where someone lives and whether they’re away on holiday can be easily done with just a couple of clicks. We’ve all seen social media posts of friends or relatives showing off a new gadget, whilst ‘checking in’ at the airport or posting holiday photos online is a an effective way to let intruders know that your house is empty.

Whilst this is one of the negative aspects of social media, but when used sensibly it could actually help you improve the security of your home and neighbourhood.

Bridging the gap between neighbours

Local communities are very different these days, even in comparison to just a couple of decades ago. People move about more often, many have irregular working patterns and it’s unusual for people to spend time with their neighbours. However, the rise of online communities seems to be helping to bridge the gap between neighbours and communities.

Increasing numbers of people now use social media and online sites as way of staying in touch with their neighbours, with Facebook groups and online community forums becoming increasingly popular. Neighbourhood watch schemes were once incredibly popular and it’s worth bearing in mind that that many groups can now be joined online.

Discuss security issues and alert your neighbours

Online forums and groups are not only useful for discussing local security issues, they also offer an excellent way to share details of a range of issues including doorstep fraudsters, domestic damage and to provide witnesses for crimes from burglary through to car theft.

So social media really does have its pros and cons when it comes to home security but provided you think before posting (don’t forget to check your social media security settings) it can prove to be an incredibly useful way to ensure your home is being monitored by your neighbours when you’re away.

Advice on choosing security systems for homeowners with pets

Home security advice from alarm installation specialists in Leeds

If you have a dog or cat, you might be concerned that a security system could be triggered by your pet moving about, leading you to decide to not have a security system at all. However, having a pet in the house doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the security of your home. With this in mind, we thought we’d give you some advice on ensuring your home is pet-friendly and secure.

Domestic alarms

Domestic alarms offer a highly effective visual deterrent but although statistics show that around 60% of burglaries attempted on homes with alarms fail, many pet owners still don’t have an alarm because they’re worried that their pet could accidentally trigger it.

However, there are steps which can be taken to stop lively pets from accidentally setting off a burglar alarm. Many security alarm packages include a pet-friendly motion sensor; designed to use a range of technologies to assess the movement pattern, speed and temperature of whatever has triggered it, therefore ruling out pets. This means that the alarm can be set and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your four-legged friend can still move around freely.

Careful positioning of alarm sensors can also make a huge difference. If your dog spends the majority of the day in the living room, for example, but has a habit of jumping on the sofa, make sure that any sensors are directed away from this particular area. In addition, don’t forget to ensure that sensors are placed as high as possible on the walls – at least five foot high is ideal.

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How to stop your home from being added to the list of burglary statistics

Security advice for homeowners in Leeds

According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics, a staggering 551,000 homes were broken into during 2016. With this astonishing statistic in mind, it just goes how many people are affected by this type of crime in the UK, resulting in a significant psychological and financial impact on families throughout the country.

As regular readers of our blog will know, here at FirstEye we’re keen to pass on the message that by taking steps to ensure your home is safe, secure and protected, you’ll not only give yourself peace of mind, you could also significantly reduce the risk of your home becoming yet another figure in the statistics.

Our top tips for securing your home and reducing the risk of theft

With this in mind, here’s a reminder of some simple steps you can take to improve the security of your home:

  1. Keep your windows and doors locked! Now although this might sound obvious, you’d be surprised at just how many people leave their homes unlocked and unattended. In addition, it’s also important to ensure any external doors are fitted sufficient deadlocks. Ground floor doors and windows are usually targeted by thieves so make sure yours aren’t concealed by hedges and shrubs.
  2. Work with your neighbours. Communicating with your neighbours can make all the difference and if you’re planning on going away for more than a couple of nights, it’s well worth letting your neighbours know. Not only will they (hopefully) keep an eye on your property but if you ask nicely, they might also call in each day and move unopened post out of sight of the front door.
  3. Make your home look lived in. This is very important and thanks to the range of timer switches and home automation systems now available, it’s never been easier to make your home looked lived whilst you’re away.
  4. Use your alarm. If you have a burglar alarm, make sure you use it! A burglar alarm should be activated even if you’re just popping down to the shops. If you don’t have an alarm we recommend that you consider installing one as this alone will significantly reduce your chances of being broken into.
  5. The more security the better. It’s well worth considering installing multiple security devices such as a security alarm, indoor timer lights, external motion sensor lights and window locks. Combining security measures in this way could mean that your home is almost 50 times more protected than other properties without any proper security.

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Take a look at our latest special offers

Special offers on security security solutions for homeowners in Leeds

Thanks to our range of unbeatable special offers there’s never been a better time to review the security of your home and install a brand new security solution.

Protect your home and family with a CCTV system

Included in our latest range of special offers is a HD CCTV system. Featuring a 2 or 4 camera HD 1080P system using a high end DVR with the very latest in real time recording, this powerful system is capable of producing crystal clear images. Perfect for locations or situations where high definition images are required, this system offers an unbeatable way to protect your property from the risk of thefts or intrusion.

We’ll install a 2 camera system for £865 inc. VAT or a 4 camera system for £1325 inc. VAT and these prices include a 12 month parts and labour warranted and an iPhone/Android set up for remote viewing over the internet.

Wireless intruder alarm designed to protect your property against intruders

An intruder alarm is one of the very best way to safeguard your home and family against burglars and our Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Intruder Alarm System offers unbeatable protection at an affordable price. Including 3 motion detectors, 1 door contact, 1 external live bell box, 1 dummy bell box and a control panel with keypad, this system is available at a cost of £475 including VAT.

Deter intruders with LED security lighting

Security lighting is an affordable yet highly effective way to help deter intruders from attempting to enter your home. Our latest special offers also include the installation for PIR motion sensor LED floodlights, designed to be triggered when an unwanted intruder is within range. Starting at just £84 inc. VAT for a 10w LED PIR floodlight, LED security lighting installed by FirstEye is a great way to give yourself extra peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Protect your home from intruders whilst you’re away

Intruder alarm advice from FirstEye electricians in Leeds

The summer holiday season is in sight and whether you’re planning a staycation in the UK or are holidaying further afield, there’s nothing worse than worrying about the security of your home whilst you’re away.

As regular readers of our blog will know, there are plenty of simple, cost-effective steps you can take to protect your property when it’s unattended. From planting thorny plants around the perimeter of your garden, to fitting outside lights and getting a neighbour to move unopened post from the front doormat, ensuring your home looks lived in doesn’t have to cost the earth and will deter intruders.

Security systems to suit all budgets

However, when it comes to home security there’s no substitute for a reliable security system but if the cost of installing a burglar alarm puts you off, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are systems available to suit all budgets.

Here at FirstEye we install a wide range of burglar alarm systems and our current special offers include a Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Intruder Alarm System. Designed to provide highly effective, reliable protection against unwanted intruders, we’ll install this system for just £475 including VAT.

The price of installing the Pyronix Enforcer system includes three PIR motion detectors, one door contact, one live external bell box, one dummy bell box and a control panel with keypad. Additional motion detectors or door contacts can be added if required at a cost of £48 each including VAT.

Intruder alarms installed in Leeds by FirstEye

We are specialists in security and intruder alarm installations and our services are available to residential customers throughout Leeds. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of installing an intruder alarm, or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Electrical safety advice from FirstEye

Our advice on preventing electrical fires

Unfortunately electrical fires are amongst the most common causes of fire damage, injury or even death in the home. When you consider that the majority of electrical fires could be easily avoided, it’s well worth carrying out a few straightforward checks and being aware of the warning signs. Being aware of the danger of electrical fires could not only help prevent damage to your home, it could also save your life.

How to spot the warning signs

Statistically the winter months are the most dangerous when it comes to electrical fires in the home. This is because the days are shorter so heating; lighting and appliances are likely to be switched on for longer. We tend to stay indoors more in the winter which means that more rooms in the house are used, increasing the risk of faulty or poorly connected appliances causing a fire.

It’s a common misconception that most electrical fires are spontaneous but this is not the case. In the majority of cases there are warning signs and if you spot sockets or plugs which feel hot to the touch, stop using them immediately. Some plugs do get hot and if this is the case, then the manufacturer should indicate this, however as a general rule of thumb, a hot plug or socket should not be used until it has been checked by a qualified electrician.

Poor wiring is another cause of electrical fires and any plugs which have frayed or exposed wires is potentially very dangerous. Frayed or exposed wires can mean that the plug is ‘live’ when touched and this could cause a very serious or even fatal electric shock.

Plugging more than one appliance into the same socket can be a recipe for disaster, especially when an appliance is plugged into a socket that is already being used by an appliance which is used regularly or for long periods such as a television or kettle. If your home doesn’t have sufficient plug sockets, the safest option is have additional sockets installed by a qualified electrician.

It’s also important to make sure that you always use the correct wattage of bulb in lamp or light fittings. Using a bulb of a higher wattage than the lamp or fitting is designed for can prove to be very dangerous and because the internal wiring will degrade, you won’t be able to spot the danger signs. Again a qualified electrician will be able to provide you with advice on the correct bulbs to use in the light fittings in your home.

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Electrical safety in the home is something which should be taken very seriously and if you would like advice on any aspect of electrical safety, we’d be happy to help. Are quotes are free and without obligation so why not get in touch to find out more?


Is your home adequately protected whilst you’re away?

Alarm installations in Leeds

Whether you already know exactly where you’re going on holiday this summer or you’re waiting to pick up a last minute deal, leaving your home unoccupied leaves you at far greater risk of being burgled. For many people it’s the shock of being broken into that spurs them into installing an alarm but rather than waiting for the worst to happen, surely prevention is better than cure?

How much do burglar alarms cost?

It’s hard to give a precise figure in answer to this question as the cost will vary depending on the type of alarm you choose, whether or not it is monitored and the size of your property. Whilst there are very cheap, off-the-peg alarms available in most DIY shops, these systems are unlikely to provide you with effective, round the clock protection. A fake alarm bell box is a very low-cost way of providing a visible deterrent whilst a state-of-the-art wireless system, linked with a home automation, is undoubtedly a more expensive option.

What’s the difference between different types of alarm systems?

  • A bell-only alarm system is designed to make a loud noise when one of the internal sensors is triggered. This type of system will let your neighbours know (they’ll be able to hear the alarm!) and is a great way to deter intruders but it won’t alert you or the police.
  • Monitored alarm systems are connected to a receiving centre, either through a radio network or telephone line. If one of the alarm’s detectors is triggered, a signal will be sent to the receiving centre. The receiving centre will then call your home for verification and to check if everything is ok; if your home phone isn’t answered or your password ID isn’t provided, your nominated key holder or the police will be contacted. Don’t forget that although this type of system offers 24 hour reassurance that your home is protected, you will have to pay annual or monthly subscription charges on top of the cost of installation.
  • Speech dialler alarm systems can offer a good compromise between bell-only and monitored systems. Speech dialler devices can either be connected to an existing alarm, or alarm systems are available with a speech dialler built into the control panel. In the event of a break in, the speech dialler will automatically begin to call the phone numbers which have been stored in the system, leaving a pre-recorded message if the call isn’t answered.

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