The pros and cons of using social media to improve home security

How to make the most online groups and forums to protect your home from burglars

There’s been a spate of media reports recently detailing how social media can have a negative impact upon home security.

In this age of social media, finding out where someone lives and whether they’re away on holiday can be easily done with just a couple of clicks. We’ve all seen social media posts of friends or relatives showing off a new gadget, whilst ‘checking in’ at the airport or posting holiday photos online is a an effective way to let intruders know that your house is empty.

Whilst this is one of the negative aspects of social media, but when used sensibly it could actually help you improve the security of your home and neighbourhood.

Bridging the gap between neighbours

Local communities are very different these days, even in comparison to just a couple of decades ago. People move about more often, many have irregular working patterns and it’s unusual for people to spend time with their neighbours. However, the rise of online communities seems to be helping to bridge the gap between neighbours and communities.

Increasing numbers of people now use social media and online sites as way of staying in touch with their neighbours, with Facebook groups and online community forums becoming increasingly popular. Neighbourhood watch schemes were once incredibly popular and it’s worth bearing in mind that that many groups can now be joined online.

Discuss security issues and alert your neighbours

Online forums and groups are not only useful for discussing local security issues, they also offer an excellent way to share details of a range of issues including doorstep fraudsters, domestic damage and to provide witnesses for crimes from burglary through to car theft.

So social media really does have its pros and cons when it comes to home security but provided you think before posting (don’t forget to check your social media security settings) it can prove to be an incredibly useful way to ensure your home is being monitored by your neighbours when you’re away.