How to stop your home from being added to the list of burglary statistics

Security advice for homeowners in Leeds

According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics, a staggering 551,000 homes were broken into during 2016. With this astonishing statistic in mind, it just goes how many people are affected by this type of crime in the UK, resulting in a significant psychological and financial impact on families throughout the country.

As regular readers of our blog will know, here at FirstEye we’re keen to pass on the message that by taking steps to ensure your home is safe, secure and protected, you’ll not only give yourself peace of mind, you could also significantly reduce the risk of your home becoming yet another figure in the statistics.

Our top tips for securing your home and reducing the risk of theft

With this in mind, here’s a reminder of some simple steps you can take to improve the security of your home:

  1. Keep your windows and doors locked! Now although this might sound obvious, you’d be surprised at just how many people leave their homes unlocked and unattended. In addition, it’s also important to ensure any external doors are fitted sufficient deadlocks. Ground floor doors and windows are usually targeted by thieves so make sure yours aren’t concealed by hedges and shrubs.
  2. Work with your neighbours. Communicating with your neighbours can make all the difference and if you’re planning on going away for more than a couple of nights, it’s well worth letting your neighbours know. Not only will they (hopefully) keep an eye on your property but if you ask nicely, they might also call in each day and move unopened post out of sight of the front door.
  3. Make your home look lived in. This is very important and thanks to the range of timer switches and home automation systems now available, it’s never been easier to make your home looked lived whilst you’re away.
  4. Use your alarm. If you have a burglar alarm, make sure you use it! A burglar alarm should be activated even if you’re just popping down to the shops. If you don’t have an alarm we recommend that you consider installing one as this alone will significantly reduce your chances of being broken into.
  5. The more security the better. It’s well worth considering installing multiple security devices such as a security alarm, indoor timer lights, external motion sensor lights and window locks. Combining security measures in this way could mean that your home is almost 50 times more protected than other properties without any proper security.

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