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Five ways to improve the physical security of your business

It goes without saying that the safety and security of your employees, clients or customers is of paramount importance. However, with increasingly-stretched budgets and busy work schedules, it can be hard to the security-minded business owner to know where to start. With this in mind, in this blog post we thought we’d share five practical ways to improve the physical security of your business.

• Assess physical security: many businesses already have a carefully thought out and robust physical security in place. Nevertheless, things change over time and so it’s important to carry out regular checks and/or updates. By making a thorough check of your security procedures and physical security systems at least once a year, you’ll ensure there’s a strong strategy in place, designed to prevent future issues.
• Manage visitors: the majority of businesses welcome visitors on site to some extent or another. Unfortunately, visitors can present a potential security risk. There are a number of cost effective ways to monitor visitors, including CCTV, security barriers or an access control system.
• Controlling access: access control also offers an important and highly effective way to protect the security of sensitive areas such as server rooms or stock rooms. By limiting access to areas such as these, you’ll reduce the likelihood of theft or vandalism.
• External security: securing the exterior of your business premises is a great place to start when it comes to improving physical security. Gates, turnstiles and barriers are a good place to start, as are exterior lighting and CCTV surveillance.
• Employee training: this is an often overlooked aspect of business security. Maintaining ongoing security training and communications is the best way to make sure that all staff are aware of, and adhere to, security procedures.

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