Our advice on using CCTV to protect your home

CCTV installations in Leeds

Whereas once CCTV was mainly used in shopping centres, airports and hospitals etc., CCTV systems are an increasingly popular choice for security conscious homeowners.

Not only is CCTV an effective way to screen callers and monitor the outside areas of a property; it is also proven to be a very effective deterrent to burglars or intruders. Installing a CCTV system is an excellent way to protect your home from damage or theft, it will also provide you the reassurance that what’s most important to you – your family and your home – are safe, secure and protected.

We install CCTV systems designed to suit homes of all shapes and sizes

Here at FirstEye we are an established company with many years of experience in the installation, maintenance and servicing of a wide range of CCTV systems available in options to suit all properties, lifestyles and budgets. In addition, because FirstEye is a local, independent company, our flexible services are designed to meet the requirements of customers.

We know that every home is different and if you use your garage, for example, to store valuable items such as sports equipment or power tools, it’s very important to install cameras to provide coverage for the right areas. Many of our customers require coverage of their garden shed as it’s used to store valuable bikes, whilst others simply need just a couple of cameras with one to protect the back door and the other to protect the front.

Electrical services from FirstEye in Leeds

Our CCTV installation service in Leeds will begin with a thorough assessment of your property as this is the best way to find the most suitable system for you. A number of different CCTV systems are available; from basic systems through to high-tech systems designed to provide state-of-the-art coverage. Whichever type of system is best for you, we’ll work closely with you to find the ideal solution.

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To find out more about our CCTV installation services in Leeds, or to request a no-obligation quote or further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0113 228 8599.