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Which access control system do you need?

Standalone and Networked access control systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Following on from last week’s post on the benefits an access control system could offer your business, in this post we’re going to outline the two types of system we install.

Standalone network control systems

Standalone network control systems are easy to operate and are ideal for controlling either a single door or several doors in a series. This makes them perfect for smaller offices, apartments, storage units and shops etc. Access through each door is provided either by a keypad code number, swipe card, fob or token presented to a door reader. Cost-effective and a great way to enhance the security of your business premises, installing a standalone network control system will provide you with peace of mind and protection against theft.

Networked access control systems

These systems are controlled by a network or PC based system and offer the capability to have complete control from one central computer or by logging onto networked access control software. This type of system is perfect for businesses who need to provide multiple users with individual control, or have multiple buildings such as business complexes, industrial buildings, universities and colleges.

Installing a networked access control system means that users are able to control all access points from a control system from anywhere in the building, creating different user access pathways, whilst also issuing or barring access cards, tokens or fobs as required. In addition, networked systems also include a reporting facility which provides a useful way to monitor who has passed through each access controlled door and when.

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