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Access control – your key to secure collaborative workplaces

Over the last decade or so there has a been significant change in the way many of us work, with a dramatic increase in the use of collaborative workspaces accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemic. Whilst collaborative workspaces offer a practical alternative to the expense and commitment of having a dedicated office, they can present a challenge in terms of security. Solutions are, however, available and in this blog we’ll take a look at how access control and CCTV systems are being used to improve security in shared office spaces.

What are collaborative workspaces?

Collaborative workspaces are offices or workshops where ‘spaces’ such as a desk, are rented out for short or long-term use. Offering a low-cost alternative to the expense of leasing an entire office, collaborative workspaces are becoming increasingly popular with sole traders or SME’s who don’t need an office premises 24/7, but simply require a place in which to work occasionally, meet clients or hold team meetings.

Despite the practical aspects of using a collaborative workspace, this type of shared workplace does present a number of security issues. Keeping tabs on who’s coming and going can prove incredibly difficult and the open nature of shared offices can leave those who use them vulnerable to theft and crime.

Security solutions for collaborative workplaces

Access control systems provide the ideal solution for collaborative workplaces. Designed to offer flexibility combined with enhanced security, access control systems are perfectly suited to modern working. Here are just a few of the way an access control system can be used to improve office security:

  • each office or workspace user is assigned their own security ‘key’, whether this is a code, card pass or thumbprint recognition
  • if a key is lost or stolen, it can be immediately frozen and inactivated and a replacement issued
  • different access control ‘key’ pads can be used to control access to various parts of a building. For example, an office area can be securely separated from a data centre or stock room
  • access control is simple to install, with systems ranging in complexity
  • access control systems are suitable for use in conjunction with CCTV for enhanced security protection
  • access control enables monitoring of who is in the building at any given time, helping to improve fire safety

Access control systems install in Leeds by FirstEye

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