wireless video doorbell

Wireless doorbells – a simple way to improve home security

Wireless doorbells are becoming increasingly popular and are designed to allow audio and video communication between homeowners and visitors, offering a great way to enhance security and provide reassurance. Ideal for all homes including flats, wireless doorbells can prove particularly useful for the elderly, vulnerable and properties in remote areas.

What is a wireless video doorbell?

Wireless video doorbells are clever devices which are designed to enable you to answer the door, whether you’re at home or not by using a Wi-Fi signal to stream live video direct to either a mobile phone or tablet. This offers several advantages including:

• Callers are given the impression that the property is occupied when it isn’t.
• Callers can be screened before you decide to allow them entry, e.g. you’ll have the opportunity to ask to see I.D. before opening the front door.
• Provide delivery drivers or the postman with instructions on what to do with a delivery if you are out.
• Wireless video doorbell systems are now available which include motion sensors, designed to notify you when movement is detected outside your front door.
• Elderly or vulnerable homeowners can enjoy reassurance and peace of mind by allowing a trusted friend or relative to screen callers from another location.
• Caller alerts are sent directly to your phone or tablet – regardless of the time of day or where you might be.

Alongside these benefits, many wireless video doorbells are suitable for integration into a smart home security system. When integrated with a wireless security system and/or CCTV, a wireless video doorbell will give your family and home enhanced protection, whilst providing the capability to monitor your property no matter what time it is or where you might be.

We install wireless doorbells in Leeds and surrounding areas

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