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Running a business is hard work; especially if you are a small business which is built upon trust. However, many small businesses fall victim to theft, with money and assets being taken by their own staff. A dip in profits resulting from employee theft can be catastrophic but there are ways to avoid the problem before it causes a serious issue. Here are a few suggestions as to how you could prevent employee theft:

  • Internal CCTV: whilst this might seem a fairly drastic measure, installing CCTV not only offers a highly effective deterrent, it is also an ideal way to catch staff in the act. Here at FirstEye we can help you design and install a system which meets your individual requirements, working closely with you to ensure you have cover in the areas you need it most, including stock rooms and store rooms.
  • Smart security: it really does pay to stay ahead of the game and making the most of the latest smart security systems could help you save time and money. Running a business is time consuming, with not enough hours in the day to spend time review CCTV images! Smart security apps will let you set up scenarios and will send you a notification if movement is detected in a particular area. The ideal solution whether you want to cover all angles or a particular problem area, smart security offers a cost-effective solution.
  • Door entry keypads also help to offer yet another cost-effective solution. Allowing you the capability to control or limit staff access, door entry keypads are ideal for protecting sensitive areas, valuables and stock. In addition, the latest door entry systems can also be integrated with a smart security app, enabling you to see who has had access to particular areas.

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