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Security lighting installed in Leeds by FirstEye

We know it’s still only August but it already seems to be getting dark earlier! Unfortunately the long winter nights tends to signal an increase in burglaries as thieves take the opportunity to use the cover of darkness to break into homes. With this in mind, one of the most effective way to deter thieves is to install security lighting, designed to illuminate the exterior of your home or business, preventing burglars from using darkness to find somewhere to hide.

LED security lighting designed to meet your requirements

Here at FirstEye we have the expertise to install a range of highly effective security lighting solutions; from sensor lights, designed to be triggered by movement, through to patio lighting, garage lighting and exterior feature lighting.

Business premises can benefit from security lighting installed over all entrance points, with additional lighting to protect parking areas if required. In addition, security lighting can also be used to complement other security systems such as CCTV, helping to provide a clear picture or highlight areas which are protected by access control.

For domestic customers, placing lights above your front and back door, or patio doors if you have them, not only helps to deter thieves but will also ensure you feel more secure when arriving home at night. Garden lighting looks lovely and offers a beautiful way to highlight trees and planting, whilst also discouraging thieves from entering the space. Patio lighting provides another practical solution which not only enhances the look of your garden at night, but will also help to make outdoors areas safer whilst providing you with light when sitting outdoors in the evening.

Sheds and garages are being increasingly targeted by thieves who know they are often used to store expensive bikes, DIY and sports equipment such as golf clubs. Sheds and garages need protection too and installing security lighting helps to increase security by providing a visible, effective deterrent.

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