security system installation

Which security system is best for you and your home?

Residential security systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

You know home security is very important and you know you’d like to protect your property and valuables from theft. However, thanks to the wide range of different systems available, finding the best one to suit your budget and requirements can prove to be very daunting indeed! Here at FirstEye we work with homeowners throughout Leeds, providing them advice and guidance on home security, helping them to choose a solution that’s within their budget.

Choosing the right security protection for your property

From security alarms through to CCTV, access control and smart doorbells, the choice of systems available often seems complicated and confusing! Our engineers are specialists in finding the right solutions for our clients and we’ll talk through your requirements with you, before offering advice on different systems.

All properties will benefit from the installation of a burglar alarm as not only do they offer a very visible deterrent, they also provide effective, round-the-clock protection. We’ll help you decide which alarm is right for your home and family; whether you need a monitored alarm system, one of the latest ‘smart’ alarms or a simple bell-only system.

CCTV is proving increasing popular with homeowners, largely due to the ability to monitor your home whilst you’re not there. CCTV systems can be installed outside your home or inside, whilst many homeowners are choosing to install cameras inside and out for comprehensive protection. We install systems to suit all properties and will work with you to provide you with a system which meets your budget and requirements.

Access control systems are widely used by businesses but they can offer benefits to homeowners too. Particularly useful for the elderly, vulnerable or those who live in properties with a shared entrance, installing an access control system offers a highly effective way to check who’s at the door without having to answer it. Smart doorbells provide similar protection and can be used as a way to ‘answer’ the door, even when you’re out.

Working with you to find the right security solutions

To find out more about how we can help you give your home and family the protection they deserve, get in touch to arrange for your free, no-obligation security survey. Contacting FirstEye is easy: simply call 0113 228 8599 or email