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Exactly as their name suggests, flood lights are designed to flood large areas with very bright light. As flood lights are one of the most powerful types of lighting available, they provide an effective way to help safeguard the outside areas of all types of buildings, from commercial, industrial and offices, through to residential properties.

Security lighting has also become a popular, affordable way to improve security in a wide range of different locations such as sports venues, gardens, outdoor theatres and school playgrounds. In addition, because security lighting is straightforward to install and relatively cheap to buy, it is now used as a way to protect buildings of all shapes and sizes; from from large industrial complexes, through to small bungalows.

The benefits of security lighting

The powerful bright light emitted by LED security makes them ideal for use as a security measure, particularly when it comes to deterring potential intruders. LED security lighting can be used in a number of different ways and it is possible to install lighting which has to be manually operated, or sensor-triggered systems which are designed to detect movement.

LED lighting technology has really changed over recent years; as a result, this type of lighting is very cheap to run thanks to the small amount of energy used. Furthermore, LED light bulbs also last much longer than other types of bulbs and because they are incredibly durable, are ideal for use in outdoor locations.

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