Regular burglar alarm maintenance is important

Alarm maintenance services in Leeds

Not only is regular burglar alarm maintenance the best way to identify and rectify any problems with your alarm, it will also help provide you with peace of mind and compensation in the event of something going wrong.

A burglar alarm maintenance contract will ensure that your alarm is fully checked on an annual basis but if you want a police-monitoring contract the system will need to be checked twice a year. Alarm checks can be carried out either by an installer visiting your home, or remotely.

The cost of alarm servicing and maintenance varies according to which type of alarm you have and its age etc. However, having your alarm maintained by a professional is a great way to tackle the problem of false alarms or unreliability.

Regular maintenance ensures reliable protection

As burglar alarms have been proven to be the single most effective deterrent to intruders, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of ensuring yours is working as it should be! In addition, it’s also worth bearing in mind that regular alarm maintenance is a requirement set by some insurance companies and that failure to ensure your alarm is maintained could mean your insurance is invalidated in the event of a break in.

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