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Do you know how to protect your business or home against vandalism?

Vandalism can be just as traumatic to deal with as burglary, whilst also costing significant amounts of time and money to rectify. However, there are effective steps you can take to safeguard your home and business from malicious damage. Here are a few things could can do to protect your property:

  • Maintain visibility: although it can be very tempting to put up a high fence or wall around your property, this simply makes it invisible from the street, therefore making it a more tempting target. Fences and boundaries are, of course, important but by ensuring that your perimeter walls and fences are no higher than one metre you’ll prevent intruders from having somewhere to hide. Security lighting can also provide a highly effective way to prevent vandalism and it’s important to ensure that the light covers vulnerable, low-visibility areas such as the rear or side. Dusk-till-dawn lighting offers a convenient solution as there’s no need to remember to switch it on or turn it off.
  • Create a boundary: laying out a boundary is a clear demonstration that your property is your territory and that anyone who crosses this boundary uninvited or unauthorised is trespassing. Low walls or hedges, fences or even flower beds offer an effective way to do this. If you’re concerned about your driveway, why not consider installing electric gates or a drop-down bollard?
  • Keeping up appearances: keeping on top of rubbish and maintenance is an effective way to show that you take the security of your property seriously whilst conveying a sense of order. As such, make sure that you don’t leave ladders, wheelie bins or rubbish lying around.

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