The physical security measures you need for your business

Ensuring your business premises is protected by the right physical security measures not only safeguards against theft and crime, but will also ensure your insurance premiums are kept at a minimum.

Here at FirstEye we have decades of experience in installing a wide range of highly effective security solutions for businesses in Leeds. Here’s our advice on the physical security measures you need to protect your business:

  • It’s vital that all members of staff understand the importance of security and that they are fully aware and adhere to all security measures. The most reliable way to ensure staff awareness is by appointing one member of staff to oversee all aspects of physical security.
  • When your business premises are empty, all windows and doors must be closed and locked securely.
  • Is the perimeter of your business premises a weak point? Installing car park barriers or security gates offers an effective way to boost security, whilst security lighting will illuminate potential entry points, preventing thieves from having somewhere dark to hide.
  • Installing CCTV provides an effective deterrent as the sight of the cameras alone is usually sufficient to deter thieves. In addition, a CCTV system will alert you and the police to break in, whilst providing evidence in the event of a criminal investigation or insurance claim.
  • A working security alarm system is essential for all business premises. A wide range of systems are available, with alarms to suit all budgets, sizes of premises and requirements.

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