Why invest in a burglar alarm?

Burglar alarms installed in Leeds by FirstEye

As specialist burglar alarm installers in Leeds we’re bound to tell you that an alarm is a worthwhile investment. However, installing a burglar alarm has been shown to provide highly effective protection whilst also deterring intruders from attempting to enter your property. Studies have shown burglars are more likely to try and break into properties where there is no visible alarm and by installing even a basic system, you’ll be taking a positive step towards protecting your home and family.

Which is the best system for you?

A wide range of alarm systems are available with options to suit the majority of budgets. Bell only alarm systems are basic alarms comprising of a control panel, keypad, detection sensors and an audible alarm bell. In addition, many basic systems can now also be linked to a mobile phone and will contact you if the alarm is activated.

Complex burglar alarm systems make the most of more sophisticated technology such as PIR motion detectors or infra-red beam detectors designed to be mounted in inconspicuous locations. Advanced systems can also be linked to home automation systems, designed to offer the capability to monitor the activity in your home from wherever you are in the world.

The response an alarm gives to being activated will vary according to the type of system you choose. Simple, bell-only systems will sound the alarm whilst monitored alarms will contact a pre-set list of emergency contact numbers or a police monitoring centre.

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