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Electric gates designed to give your home or business an extra level of protection

Electrical gates installed in Leeds by FirstEye

Electric gates offer a number of security benefits and in the majority of cases, are installed by homeowners for security reasons. Designed to provide a highly visual and robust deterrent to car thieves, burglars and vandals, electric gates are an effective way to ensure your home or business premises is protected around the clock.

Close your gates without having to get out of the car

Traditional wooden or wrought iron gates which have been left wide open are, unfortunately, an all too common site. The irony is that despite the fact that the majority of gates are installed for security reasons, closing them involves getting out of the car; something which is not ideal when the weather is wet or whilst it’s dark. This is where electric gates can prove incredibly helpful as thanks to the automated closing system, they can be easily opened or shut using a remote control designed to be kept in your car. In addition, systems are now available where the gates are operated by a mobile phone app, designed to provide even greater ease of use and convenience.

Electric gates installed in business car parks can be easily opened and closed in a similar way using a range of entry systems, from number plate recognition through to key pad access or remote control.

The ideal way to deal with unwanted traffic

If your driveway or businesses’ car park is open onto a busy road or in a high-traffic area, you’ll be all to aware of the frustration caused by other drivers using your property as a turning circle, or even parking on your premises. These situations are easily prevented with electric gates which can, in addition, provide an effective way to safeguard children or pets.

Electric gates designed for all types of business premises

Whether your business is office based or in the business, industrial, manufacturing or commercial sectors, the installation of security gates offers a highly effective way to safeguard your premises. Electric gates will not provide you with complete control over who has who has access, they can also be used to protect your employees’ cars from theft and prevent unauthorised parking.

Choosing the best electric gates for you

The most appropriate type of electric gate for your property or business premises will depend on a wide range of factors. Here at FirstEye we have many years of experience in installing electric gates, bollards and barriers in homes and business premises of all shapes and sizes and we’ll work closely with you to find the best solution for your budget and requirements.