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Don’t put the security of your home at risk by over-sharing on social media

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Whilst social media offers a great way to share news and keep in touch with family and friends, over-sharing of information is being increasingly used by opportunist thieves to identify when people are away or likely to be out of the house.

According to research commissioned by Yale in 2018*, social media users were sharing information revealing that they were away abroad on holiday, with some even revealing exactly how long they would be away for. In addition, the research also discovered that users would post pictures of new cars and other expensive new items.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that there’s a lot more to home security than locking the door or setting the burglar alarm. If you use social media you need to make yourself aware of the settings which can be used to turn off where an image is posted from. Remember that one of the best ways to protect your home from theft is to give potential thieves as little as possible to work with. Checking your social media settings and not advertising when you are away are effective steps to take, as is making your home look occupied when it’s not.

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As with many things in life, prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to home security and whilst it’s nice to get lots of likes for those Facebook holiday posts, it’s not so nice to discover that you’ve been burgled when you return home. Here at FirstEye we are experts in designing and installing a wide range of security solutions for homeowners in Leeds, with options to suit all budgets and requirements.

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