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Control who has access to your property with access control

Access control systems installed in Leeds by FirstEye

This week has seen us enter a new, slightly more relaxed set of lock down rules, with increasing numbers of businesses such as estate agents, manufacturers and garden centres cautiously re-opening. Social distancing guidelines must still be followed and although implementing safe working practices is relatively simple for some businesses, others are likely to find it more difficult.

In one of our recent blog posts we outlined the potential benefits of installing a remote body thermometer; a piece of equipment which is proving particularly useful for GP surgeries, health centres, schools nurseries, care homes and many others. However, some businesses may find it beneficial to have complete control over who has access to their premises and installing an access control system is just one way to help protect yourself, your staff, customers or clients.

Access control systems are available in a wide range of options, with choices to suit most business premises, including those with shared entrances. Visitor access is given either by an intercom or combined intercom camera system, key code or remote key fob. At FirstEye we can help you select the most effective option for your business and will design and install a system which meets your budget and requirements.

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