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Our advice on shed and garage security

Over last year’s lock downs many people were encouraged to take up cycling, buying bikes so that they could get out and about enjoy their local area. The vast majority of people store bikes either in a shed or garage but fail to secure these in the same way that they do their homes. Sheds and garages are often only protected by an inadequate lock or padlock. As a result, burglars consider sheds and garages as a weak spot and will target them first as they see them as a quick win.

It’s not only bikes that are stolen from sheds and garages, with garden and power tools, lawnmowers, sports equipment such as golf clubs also being vulnerable to theft. With this in mind, shed and garage security is just as important as home security and here’s our advice on how to protect yours:

  • Make sure sheds are as solid as possible: if yours has any damaged or rotten sections, these should be replaced.
  • If you’re buying a new shed, consider placing it so that it’s visible to the house and not located next to a perimeter wall or fence.
  • Bikes should be chained to a two bolt locking point which is anchored to the floor, whilst valuable items are ideally kept in a strong box with a lock or a cage.
  • It’s well worth considering incorporating your garage or shed into your existing home security system.
  • Outside areas should be illuminated using dusk until dawn or motion sensor lighting.

Home security installations in Leeds

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