Home Automation

Home Automation is affordable smart home technology

Home Automation means that a smarter home is now within everyone’s reach. Automated lighting and heating can cost thousands of pounds and usually involves major wiring and renovation work.

Firsteye Home Automation is different. Every part of the Firsteye system is what’s known as retrofit, which simply means the straightforward replacement of your old sockets, switches and radiator valves. So installation takes no time at all, with virtually no disruption or mess, and no noisy drilling.

Firsteye’s retrofit technology also means you can start off with just one socket, one room or a whole house, making it cost-effective and affordable for every homeowner.

With Home Automation you can:

• Control your heating, lighting & power from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, anywhere
• Set heating and lighting routines that fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle
• Monitor how much energy you’re using
• Save money by reducing your energy bills
• Control heating room-by-room via your smartphone or other web-enabled device
• Receive security alerts and live video direct to your phone
• Set lights to switch on to appear at home when you’re out or away

No mess, no fuss professional installation

No re-wiring, no mess – just a clean, simple installation process. Home Automation replaces your old sockets, switches and valves and within minutes will transform the way you control your home’s heating, lighting and power.

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